Tracy DeLucia – Self Titled

by Chuck Dauphin

tracy-delucia-selfNew York native Tracy DeLucia has made quite an impact at secondary radio as of late with her smoky new single “Stand By Your Man (The Hell I Am!).” I guess you could call it the anti-Tammy Wynette song – I mean that with all due respect! The songstress proves on her debut EP that she has plenty of styles from which to draw on.

And, as good as the single is, it’s actually the third best of the cuts here. Producer extraordinaire Kent Wells gives Tracy the surroundings to stretch her wings vocally on “First Time We Fell In Love,” where she shows off what exactly she can do from a vocal level. It definitely needs to be considered as a possible follow up to radio, as she handles the breezy mid tempo tune with relative ease.

Also worth noting is the pulsating and flirtatious feel of “Night Swim,” which is a performance that will no doubt leave you with a smile on your face – as this whole EP will. DeLucia impresses as a vocalist and a songwriter – she collaborated with husband David on all three of the cuts here, and each show a considerable amount of promise. She’s one to keep your eyes on, for sure!

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