For The Worst Night’s Sleep…

by Dan Harr

This is an opinion piece presented for information purposes, and is based on the experiences of the writer and several others he has spoken directly with who have also experienced these identical problems.

So, you want to have the “best night’s sleep in the whole wide world”. Then, in my opinion, it would be best for you to completely AVOID buying a MyPillow, as advertised by Mike Lindell on television. The following is what happened to me, and to several others who I personally know.

Like many, we regularly saw inventor Mike Lindell come on our television and advertise his MyPillow as being the best night’s sleep ever. Part of his sales pitch was “buy one, get the second one free.” Another part of the pitch is that his pillows are 100% guaranteed. On all three accounts, he is 100% wrong.

When I placed our order, I asked how much it cost to purchase one of their pillows. I was told it was $49.95 plus shipping. “Great,” I said. “I’ll buy one, and then get the second one free as advertised.”

Hmmmm…… suddenly, the price went to $99 plus change. I said to myself “how is that possible? I thought the second one was free!” Well, “free” is a subjective term, of course, at least in the opinion of Mike Lindell.

However, the San Bernardino County Superior Court of the State of California, in the class-action lawsuit of Armin Amiri v. My Pillow, Inc., Case No. CIVDS1606479, doesn’t see it as subjective as the company. The court has ruled deceptive advertising practices have been committed by the company, and that consumer fraud is the result.

Additionally, the U.S. Better Business Bureau has now dropped the company’s rating to “F”, something they do when so many consumer complaints exist that it is overwhelming for the reviewers and legal action has been taken against a company with results establishing fraud and more.

Now, I found out about all of this legal action against the company AFTER I experienced problems with their customer service. So, of course, BUYER BEWARE (which is why I’m helping YOU become aware before you spend your money).

Rocket and I ordered two pillows – one firm and one soft. They arrived, we opened the box with anticipation of a good night’s sleep and followed the directions to fluff them in the dryer for 15 minutes.

I snore. MyPillow’s sales pitch includes the claim that it will help reduce snoring and sleep apnea.

Last year (2016), the Federal trade Commission entered complaints against the company for making false health claims in their advertising. One of them is the “reduced snoring” claim, as my wife can attest to after we slept on our pillows.

My snoring – sometimes loud – turned into a forest full of chainsaws felling every tree in sight. Only when I changed back to my old pillow in the middle of the night did my snoring return to “normal”.

Now, as to the claim of “the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world”, Rocket and I BOTH woke up with cricked necks, sore backs and headaches for all three nights that we tried out the MyPillows we purchased. After the third night, we decided enough was enough and they had to go back to the company for our 100% guaranteed refund.

I contacted the company, asking for a mailing label to return the pillows and explained why we were sending them back.

Instead of sending me a return label, the company first tried to sell me on trading the pillows out for two different ones. We weren’t buying it because, by now, we’d spoken with several others who had experienced the same problems we had.

The company then gave me the RMA # for the return, but would not send a mailing label to me. Repeated emails from them indicated I was responsible for any return shipping costs.

So much for the 100% guaranteed refund.

The two MyPillows we purchased ended up costing a grand total of $128.33 (remember, buy one get one free and one pillow costs $49.95?) with shipping. After I had to pay $14.45 to send them back, even if I get a “full” refund on the purchase price, I will be out the $14.45, or approximately 12% of the total money I spent buying their product.

Therefore, the company’s “100% guarantee” was more like 88%, something the courts and FTC agreed on as being fraudulent.

Bottom line is this – as mentioned above, MyPillow is a BUYER BEWARE company as determined by consumers, the courts and the Better Business Bureau and U.S. FTC.

So BEWARE if you think you, too, want a MyPillow.

And yes… I am waiting to see if they actually will refund my full purchase price.




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