Wolf-Face – Still a Son of a Bitch

by Rick Moore

wolfface_still-a-son-of-a-bitchReal punk rock, for better or worse, was born of the pain and anger of a post-Nixon generation that was really pissed off. From Johnny Rotten to Television to the Germs and others, true punk rockers gave rise to a movement that pre-dated Kurt Cobain’s angst and sense of belonging nowhere.

In the digital age, though, true punk bands don’t really seem to exist (please, don’t e-mail me and argue). So now we have the Florida band Wolf-Face that seems to almost be a parody of what a true punk band is, hopefully intentionally. Punk’s about a lot more than just volume, using the F-word and yelling a lot; frustration, unapologetic poor musicality and the willingness to suffer for your rejection of society are what punk is about, and Wolf-Face, and this album, are closer to Jackass. A cut like “What Are You Looking At Dicknose” can’t come close to the unabashed disdain for human life of Fear’s Lee Ving singing “I Don’t Care About You.”

So this is a band that doesn’t take punk, or music, very seriously, and that’s okay. They even write musical parts sometimes instead of just banging out chords, which is very un-punklike. But in the end, Still a Son of a Bitch is for people who equate good music strictly with headbanging or who don’t understand the legacy of punk. And I know you’re out there, so nothing personal. I just don’t understand Wolf-Face or their label spending production and promotion money on something nobody will buy because it doesn’t really say anything.

But then again, I would have said the same thing about Jackass 2. So give Wolf-Face a listen; you might be somebody who would actually like them.

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