War Poets – Dulce et Decorum Est

by Brad Hardisty

War Poets’ first full length recording Dulce et Decorum Est shows off a collective effort of five veterans of the Minnesota pop/rock scene running the gamut from country rockers to piano ballads with lyrics mainly written by Rex Haberman who shares songwriting duties with bandmates Matt Kirkwold and Jenny Case.

Instead of narrowing down the playing field to one cohesive album, it is a clean divide between kicking off rockers on the first CD with the crackle of plugging in guitars and blasting off with the Replacements-esque “Don’t Look Back”  and first single “Close Enough” with a literary rocker meets Friends reruns groove.

The second disc includes a little French stroll, “Caught me In Paris” with some creative French lines and the accordion  as a preamble to the countrified, “Deep Blue”; Dulce et Decorum Est is built on relationship songs and not war between people and nations.

There are lots of jangly gritty Replacements with Big Star at the core groove with almost a communal feel of all the added music depth, producer Kevin Rowe who has worked with Johnny Lang and Paul Westerberg leaves a solid birthmark as part of the production crew.

For more, visit Band www. WarPoets.net



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