Urban Monroes Release New Bluegrass Single in October

The Urban Monroes are excited to announce their new single “Never” slated to be released in October. With the busy summer festival season racing toward its annual hibernation and the creative energy flowing out of months of non-stop bluegrass, the call of the recording studio became almost tangible.

With the single “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain” from their CD, Pavement and Pathways, still charting at a variety of locations, it does seem like a good time for the band to continue that momentum. The band’s past formula has been to release several singles ahead of a new album, but there is no confirmation that this is the current plan. For the moment, it seems Pavement and Pathways has added another passing lane.

What is expected is that the band will use the same road map that has allowed them to follow a time-honored trail as it merges with the contemporary. As their name implies, the Urban Monroes’ music is a combination of the traditional and the original with each influencing the other and it has been working well so far. This summer the Urban Monroes’
single “You Don’t Have to Move That Mountain,” made its way onto Powersource Magazine’s Top 35 Bluegrass chart and tracks from Pavement and Pathways showed up on the Roots Music Report National Top 50 Bluegrass chart. They spent weeks in the number one spot at Airplay Direct in the Global Top 50 Bluegrass, the Folk and Bluegrass DJ Top Artist chart, and more recently the Fireball Mail Bluegrass Top 20. Now that fall is making its appearance, the band will combine the first weeks of the new season with not only the new single release, but also with performances at the Historic Old Liberty Theater in southern Washington and at the monumental Salmon Days Festival in Seattle.

Made up of National Endowment for the Arts award recipients in songwriting, state bluegrass instrument champions, and magazine award winners for CD of the Year and Record of the Year, the Urban Monroes’ bluegrass style combines the skills of some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest talent. Seen from the band’s perspective, bluegrass has the ability to be sledge hammer hard, technically intricate, highly arranged and spontaneously explosive all at the same time. Their stated mission is to capture that energy and present it with a style and delivery uniquely their own.

For more information please visit: www.urbanmonroes.com



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