Urban Monroes at Full Gallop with Release of Appaloosa Daydream

urban-monroes_appaloosa-daydreamThe Urban Monroes have charged into 2014 with the release of the band’s new CD, Appaloosa Daydream, and the term “charged” is used advisedly. Though the album’s official release date is 2014, advanced single releases have already been getting airplay. Galaxie Radio for one, has Appaloosa Daydream as one of the most played albums of 2013. So it has gotten out of the gate quickly and the band will continue to spur it on. Currently the Urban Monroes are #1 on both the Roots Music Report Top 50 and AirPlay Direct’s All Time Global Top 50 Bluegrass Chart. The latter with over 8400 DJ downloads.

On January 11th, World Wide Bluegrass’ DJ Gentleman Jim Chatfield of Bluegrass in the BASSment will be conducting an interview with the UM’s Fran Kent as well as airing several Appaloosa Daydream tracks. Jim actually made a guest appearance on the new CD, adding bass on two of the cuts. (Evan McGregor of Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers recorded Jim at Oscar Fish Studios in Ohio.) Fran and Jim will discuss Appaloosa Daydream, and the multiple hurdles that had to be overcome while working on the project. Don’t be surprised though if the conversation also occasionally sidetracks to Seahawks football or the consumption of anything chocolate as those topics have often come up in the past. Any dialog between these two is sure to be entertaining and Appaloosa Daydream’s back-story is not that of a typical bluegrass CD, with the band overcoming some daunting obstacles to complete the recording.

Appaloosa Daydream is the band’s third full length album and multiple tracks are available for DJ’s to download via AirPlay Direct. More information on the Urban Monroes and Appaloosa Daydream can be found at the band’s website, www.urbanmonroes.com.



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