Underhill Rose – Something Real

by Chuck Dauphin

underhill-rose_something-realYou know, I am not really sure why we have definitions for music anymore. Few acts – maybe a Alan Jackson being a rarity – paint within the same lines with their music. Most acts today have many different layers and sounds to their music. North Carolina-based trio Underhill Rose is one such act.

Take a listen to the music of Eleanor Underhill, Molly Rose, and Salley Williamson, and you will be transported to a sound that has several different ingredients – but at the end of the day, it all comes together to make a dazzling fusion of Country, Bluegrass, Pop, and even a little bit of Tin Pan Blues.

The trio also manages to float between many different musical moods on this album, ranging from the warm and homey strains of “Little House” to the Rock sounds of “I Wanna Love You.” They excel on just about every cut, with possibly the opening “Helpless Wanderer” being the best example of how they put all the sounds together best. And, they can also handle a ballad like nobody’s business – the brilliant “Unused To You” is a potent example of this fact. They close the album on a high note, with the authentic sounding “The End Of ’27,” which sounds like it could have been a Tin Pan Alley classic. Trust me when I say avoid trying to classify this, and just enjoy it. That’s what it was meant for!

For more information, log on to www.UnderhillRose.com




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