Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Nothing New

by Dan Harr

On Saturday, January 27, 2017, newly-elected President Donald Trump issued a temporary ban on immigration from seven predominantly Muslim Middle East and African countries including Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Libya. Almost immediately, liberal panties across America caught fire causing those on the left to jump out of their high chairs and start protests against the new executive order.

However, like occurs more often than not these days, the left – with their sanctimonious hypocrisy firmly in place – conveniently ignores the history of their own party’s actions which the Trump order mirrors.

In 1952, with a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and Democrat leadership in the Senate, Congress passed Title 8 U.S.Code §1182, defining Inadmissible Aliens. Under the law, the President of the United States has the authority to ban immigration of non-U.S. Residents based on the criteria defined in the code.

In 1979, radical jihadists in Iran, with the support of the Iranian government, took 52 American diplomats hostage and kept them for 444 days. On April 7, 1980, President Jimmy Carter instructed his administration to “invalidate all visas issued to Iranian citizens for future entry into the United States, effective today,” according to a transcript of the event kept by the American Presidency Project.

Of course, Democrats didn’t raise a stink about President Carter’s order. Nationalism was gaining strength as a result of the hostage crisis, and the left supported America’s stance against Iran.

In 2011, Obama ordered Hillary Clinton and the State Department to stop processing Iraq refugees for six months – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. This barely made the news, with only ABC and Fox news reporting the action. It slid quietly beneath the rug as Democrats in Congress approved of their demagogue’s actions.

To paraphrase Don Mclean’s “American Pie” song, “not a word from the left was spoken, and storefront windows went unbroken” as the left stayed home and didn’t protest, riot or loot a Presidential order banning immigrants from a Muslim country from entering the U.S.

Enter Donald J. Trump, the newly-elected President who made campaign promises of “making America safe again” as part of the mantra to his followers throughout the election process.

The moment President Trump signed the Immigration Ban executive order, the left went into action. Names and labels were hurled as words like “racist” and “hater” again became monikers that any Trump supporters were tagged with on social media. George Soros-funded protests broke out across the country at airports and other points of entry into the United States. Mainstream media outlets were in a frenzy as they tried to outdo each other in attempts to discredit Trump and his administration’s actions.

When the Trump administration issued a statement to clarify the order, and pointed out the similarities between it and those previously issued by Carter and Obama, the left did everything to spin away from the truth and claim that those issued under Democrats were done so for different reasons and were not “racist” based against a specific group of people. Despite the fact that Trump’s order targets immigration from countries and not specific demographic groups, the left refuses to quit gnawing on the bone they keep going back to every time they disagree with something President Trump says or does – “He’s a racist”.

During the last eight years, America has experienced an increasing number of single-actor terrorist attacks like what occurred in San Bernadino (14 dead), Orlando (49 dead), Ft. Hood (13 dead) and elsewhere. Obama sycophants have tried to claim these were not terrorist attacks, refusing to use words like “radical Muslims” or “Muslim extremists” throughout his eight years in office despite the fact that many of the attackers were refugees and had been radicalized by Muslim extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.

As America experienced the attacks, so too did France, Germany and numerous other European countries. After each Muslim terrorist attack throughout the world, the Obama administration did everything possible to downplay the Syrian refugee and Muslim connections to the terrorists.

Many in America grew increasingly tired of an administration that they believed wasn’t taking their best interests, and the best interests of the country, to heart in keeping us safe from these bad actors. Instead, Obama, and his alleged heir-apparent, Hillary Clinton, were determined to increase the number of refugees being admitted into this country.

President Trump’s campaign promises resonated with the voters who overwhelmingly sent the message to the Democrats that we want to be safe.  Democrats lost control of the House, the Senate and numerous Governorships and state houses across the country because WE, THE PEOPLE, wanted leadership in place who would put America and the safety of American’s first.

President Trump’s executive order on immigration mirrors the bans initiated by both President’s Carter and Obama, neither of which resulted in mass protests at airports and elsewhere. His order was written with the intent to keep America safe from terrorist attacks.

It’s time the young liberals who appear to be the driving force behind the protests open their eyes to history and realize that Trump’s immigration plan is nothing new. It’s time they realize the law is on his side and that his order is nothing more than an enforcement of laws already in place.

It’s time to go back to work and make America safe again.



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