A Time To Kill – The Sequel

by Dan Harr

On January 4, 2017, at a time when liberals claim President Obama has not divided this country on race and hate crimes are only one-sided, four ignorant thugs in Chicago have been charged after deciding they would kidnap and torture a white, developmentally disabled man for laughs. For over 24 hours, the man’s hands and legs were taped while he was beaten, cut with knives, burned and more.

During the incident, the four individuals taped about 30 minutes of their actions and live-streamed it on Facebook. On the video (below), the thugs can be heard yelling “Fuck Trump” and Fuck White People”.

The Chicago Police Department held a news conference in which they were asked about charging the 18 year old perpetrators with a Hate Crime enhancement to any charges that will be filed. Despite the clearly audible comments by the thugs on the tape, the Chicago PD says it will investigate to determine IF any hate crime has occurred. (View the press conference HERE)

Too often in today’s America, the term “hate crime” is only applied when the victim is a minority, non-white individual. The left, which screams “hate crime” and “racism” at the drop of a hat when a victim is black, mysteriously remain silent when the victim is a white person, and especially a white male.

So listen up all you left-wing snowflake daisies, and pay attention to the paraphrased closing argument from the movie “A Time To Kill”, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey. While reading, metaphorically close your eyes and imagine the scene unfolding…

A young, disabled white man in Chicago, 18 years old, finds himself suddenly accompanied by four black teens the same age as himself. Two are girls, two are boys and he knows one of the boys from his school. Being developmentally disabled, he likely misses some warning signs occurring while he’s being pushed into the back of a stolen car by someone he knows. He’s still wondering what’s going on as they drive him to a house on the other side of town.

Once there, his supposed friend and the others bound and gag him while holding a knife to his throat, then begin to sadistically torture and beat him for the next 24 to 48 hours. His body writhing in pain, his scalp and body covered with cuts and bruises, the man is finally released by his captors. He’s found wandering the streets, disoriented, unable to communicate and soiled in his own blood, urine, vomit and feces.

Throughout the time they tortured him, the black thugs called him names and used racial slurs against him, made fun of his disabilities, and cursed anyone else they perceived as doing them some imagined harm. As a result of their actions, this innocent man’s life will never be the same again as he suffers from the post-traumatic distress of the experience as well as the physical recovery involved.

The four black teens targeted this white disabled man based on his race and handicap status.

Does a hate crime exist?

With those eyes still closed, now imagine the victim was black and the thugs white!


UPDATE 1/5/2017 – 5:12pm

As of this afternoon, all four perpetrators have been charged with numerous crimes including HATE CRIME enhancers.





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