Tim & Myles Thompson – Time 4 Me 2 Go

by Chuck Dauphin

tim-myles-thompsonFather and son duo Tim and Myles Thompson have released an album that underscores the fact of what a special blend family talent can be. Tim is a cracker-jack guitarist, who can lay out some incredible grooves on the six-string, while son Myles is a very proficient fiddler (Technically, he calls it the violin).

The two combine their erstwhile talents on a variety of musical settings on this disc, with the best of the mix including the opening “I Ain’t Going Down,” which gives both a chance to shine instrumentally – as well as vocally. Their harmony comes into play on “In Another Life,” which simmers until it reaches the full boiling point. Lyrically, the song is very impressive, as well.

As a vocalist, Tim is very old school in his approach, while Myles tends to venture toward a more youthful sound – as evidenced by the cutting edge vocal and production on “That Ain’t My Style,” which might be the best overall cut on the album. Fans of their instrumental work will also get into the epic “Overdrive,” as well as the musically inventive “Cat Tastrophy,” which stands among the most entertaining jam sessions I have heard in quite some time. Needless to say, musical family ties can be a very good thing!

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