Tim McGraw Enjoys Award Nominations But Takes Them All In Stride

tim-mcgraw_oct2013Tim McGraw’s song “Highway Don’t Care,” which he performs with Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, has earned him two CMA nominations for Video of the Year and Vocal Collaboration of the Year.  He’s grateful for the nominations because he says, “They’re always nice.  I mean, I don’t think anybody does not want to win an award.”  At the same time he takes being nominated or not being nominated all in stride.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have my career and to be involved in a lot of award shows – nominated, not nominated, win, perform, not win, all those things,” says Tim.  “Sometimes it’s your year and sometimes it isn’t and sometimes it’s other people’s year.”

And even if it’s not his year he enjoys being a part of awards shows and seeing the future of country music emerge.

“The great thing about them is you get to see all these new artists and you see them win and you see them get nominated and it perpetuates our business,” Tim explains.  “It perpetuates our music and our love of music.  And you see these guys who are coming up and these girls who are coming up and doing great stuff and sometimes that’s the way they get introduced to the country, in a lot of ways.”



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