Tim McGraw Creates Some Of His Best Work When He Is Struggling

tim-mcgraw_performing_july2013Tim McGraw has had some ups and downs and some challenges in his career, but he thinks the challenging times are often the best for creativity and can bring about some of his best work. He likens it to a baseball player who feels like they’re having an off day. “It’s like when you’re playing ball, and you show up and are like, ‘Man, I really don’t feel like playing today… I feel slow … or my uniform’s not hanging right,’” says Tim. “ You look back and those were the days where usually you were 4 for 5, almost hitting the cycle. And you made diving plays at shortstop and you turned a couple double plays.”

He says the same is true for him with music.

“The times that you feel like you were struggling; the times that you felt like you’re challenged; times that you felt like things really aren’t clicking like they need to be clicking like they need to be clicking are the times that you really sorta hit homeruns with your music.” While Tim is happier making music now than he ever has been and he’s got a great song on the radio with “Southern Girl” and plenty of projects still to come, he always keeps in mind, “All those times you feel like that maybe you’re done or you don’t wanna do this anymore or you don’t feel like it’s the right thing to do; maybe you should do something else for a while … something good usually comes out of it.”



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