Tim McGraw Would Consider Singing In A Movie, Maybe

tim-mcgraw_oct2013Tim McGraw can sing and he has acted in movies but he says he might have to think twice about taking a role in a movie that required him to sing. Tim reveals, “There was a new Broadway musical that I had to turn down cause I couldn’t do (it).”

That was more a matter of his schedule not allowing him to do it, but Tim says, “I think if it was the right thing, you know there’s been a couple things kicked around, remakes and stuff that have been kicked around, I’ve been talked to about. But it’s gotta be perfect. I think that if it’s a perfect role in a perfect situation I would do it. I wouldn’t say no to anything off hand.”

One reason it might be hard for Tim to find a role that requires him to sing that he actually likes is because he says, “I sort of like the darker side. So I like heavy movies. So I don’t know that you could find one that fits that criteria.”



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