Tim McGraw Blends Progress & Nostalgia In “Southern Girl”

tim-mcgraw-jan2013Tim McGraw says his latest single, “Southern Girl,” is a blend of the past and the present, musically speaking. Tim thinks the track has a progressive sound to it, but at the same time he says, “It reminds you of something that you might of heard in the 70s, so it’s got a little bit of both of those worlds. It marries both of them together really nicely.” Besides the cool sound of the song, Tim says, “One of the greatest things I like about that song, I love the lyric and I love the melody, but I really love the lead write in that song where it goes to the lead break where it goes to sort of an unexpected place and the way it gets back out of that. It’s one of my favorite parts about that song.” “Southern Girl” is the fourth single off of Tim’s latest album, Two Lanes of Freedom.



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