The Swamp is Draining

by Dan Harr

Trump promised to drain the swamp and shake up the establishment, and that is exactly what he is doing.

American confidence in the media, the FBI, the CIA and Congress is at an all-time low. For decades, those establishment and entrenched operators have controlled every aspect of what WE, THE PEOPLE, read, hear, think, live by and more.

Donald Trump has shaken them up to the core. RINOS like McCain and Graham are showing their democrat colors. DINOS like Manchin are coming out of their Republican closets. The establishment is being exposed for what it is – something that never changes no matter who is in the White House. The FBI and CIA are getting caught with their pants around their ankles in backroom leaks and exposures designed to undermine the administration. (Note to the left – if you think this is the first time they’ve done it, you’re as naïve as your party was in putting forth a corrupt establishment candidate like Clinton.)

And we have Donald J. Trump to thank for that exposure.

The left is screaming about “chaos in the administration”. The only chaos is in the entrenched establishment as they realize their days are finally numbered thanks to our President. The left should be thanking President Trump for exposing the corruption that has controlled the DNC and kept candidates like Bernie Sanders from gaining ground.

The left (along with the right) should thank President Trump for exposing the corruption in the media that has kept us in line with the desires of that entrenched establishment and how they have controlled the thinking of the American public for decades.

Both sides should thank Donald Trump for opening the eyes of WE, THE PEOPLE, and working to return the control of our government to us.

At the various awards shows, the Hollywood elite are slamming our president and his administration with every radical moniker they can think of – racist, Hitler-like, anti-Semite, and more. The media talking heads at CNN, the NY Times and other left-leaning outlets are creating fake news designed to undermine confidence in the administration.

The leftist elites should be supporting Trump because he is giving them the best chance at a revolution in 2020 or 2024 with a non-establishment democrat or independent candidate. Instead, they are playing into the hands of the established democratic party who cannot conceive of anything beyond the tip of their short, pointed noses.

It’s time to step back, take a breath and let things play out as they will. Continued divisive action by the left won’t work. It will only alienate the sides from each other even more. No one wants to be called names at every turn. Plan for tomorrow instead of reacting to yesterday.

You might be surprised at the outcome.



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