The Poster Boy (classic pop from Hungary) releases “Melody”

Hungarian classic popsters The Poster Boy released Melody, their first album, on July 26, 2012.  The band is a multi-national project born out of a bar-side chat between three key figures of that Budapest scene: American Michael Zwecker and Hungarians Imre Poniklo and Noel R. Mayer. During the summer of 2011, the three friends talked about putting together some songs, and within a few months they found themselves with an album, and with nothing to prove except that they could write and produce the best English-language record out of Hungary without spending massive amounts of money.

The initial result was a digital release called Things We Had Time For, which came out in January 2012. The band’s fresh-yet-classic approach earned the tracks “Traction” and “Once” a spot in rotation on the Hungarian equivalent of BBC Radio 1, as well as airplay on Berlin’s Fritz Radio. And while folks in America may not be familiar with the outlets, here’s the kind of stuff the Hungarian music press was saying.

“An absolutely serious debut effort…”
“A timeless pop album…”

Fast forward to the summer of 2012, and the band has teamed up with Firestation Records in Berlin, Germany, and Bell Boy Productions in Barcelona, Spain, to release Melody, which came out in both digital and CD formats.  The disc features three new tracks as well as six tracks from Things We Had Time For.

Says Zwecker of the project:  “Last Record Store Day, we all felt a bit ashamed that we had no physical release. We’re thrilled that the folks at Firestation in Berlin and Barcelona liked our stuff enough to give this material a chance. We think these songs can reach folks like the best pop can. Enjoy.”

The Poster Boy’s sound reflects the members’ common love of classic pop music, with the overall sound and approach being unapologetically pop and free from the scent of any current trends. The guys don’t strive to reinvent music, only to write and record good songs. You’ll detect lots of B’s among the influences: Beatles, Byrds, Badfinger, Bowie, Beach Boys, Bernard Butler. But the band doesn’t limit itself to B’s: you’ll also hear a tip of the hat to Hi Records, some Paul Weller, some The Smiths, some Teenage Fanclub, some Serge Gainsbourg, and one bit that the band calls “Peter Sellers 1960s film soundtrack.”  Like most great pop, the songs explore themes of love, loss, and happiness. Zwecker’s lyrics move the listener in and out of the ponderings and conversations of a range of lightly drawn Kinks/Ray Davies-like characters.

The chief frontman is Poniklo, who has his own successful band called Amber Smith, an outfit with a number of local and European releases under their belt, as well as visits to SXSW, Tokyo, and a few tours of Europe. Imi’s the kind of guy who shows up on the cover of local music and style mags from time to time. You might say he’s a Hungarian rock star.  Sharing the frontman role is Noel R. Mayer, whose band The Walrus has played European festivals and gained a cult following in Hungary on the indie scene.  Chief lyricist and drummer Zwecker (an American) spent time in Athens, GA, back in the ’90s, sitting behind the drums for Doggone/TVT Records’ Seven Simons. Zwecker has been living in Hungary for most of his life now, and his local claim-to-fame is as the drummer for the most successful Hungarian-language alternative pop band of the post-Communist era, Kispál és a borz.

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