The Joey+Rory Show To Debut On RFD-TV

Music lovers were first introduced to award-winning duo Joey+Rory on CMT’s Can You Duet show over four years ago, and fans and newcomers will get to know their talent, their love story and their downhome lifestyle even better when The Joey+Rory Show launches on RFD-TV this Friday, July 6, 2012.

Filmed entirely at their farm and in their community of Pottsville, Tennessee, the first 13 episodes of The Joey+Rory Show will invite the viewer into their small-town world with a mix of live performances of songs from their third album, His and Hers – which hits stores July 31, recipes from their family-owned Marcy Jo’s cafĂ©, behind-the-scenes looks into their life together, intimate acoustic performances from the duo and a select group of singers and songwriters that inspire them.

Intentionally an old-school-meets-new-school variety show, the series pays deep homage to variety shows from the past and classic television series like The Honeymooners and The Andy Griffith Show, even going so far as to include snippets of both in the show’s opener. Knowing that major radio airplay for traditional country music artists on an indie label is tough to come by these days… the couple converted a barn at their farm into a fully working sound-stage where they can write, film, edit and deliver the entire series with just the help of a small team of friends/collaborators collectively calling themselves Milkhouse Media.

“We don’t have a TV in our home, partly because it’s hard to find good family programs to watch any more…so rather than just complain about it, we’re trying to create some good programming that everyone can enjoy,” Rory says. “Just like the records you make, you never know if this show will reach hundreds of people, or millions – either way, the journey making it together is extraordinary.”

True to the lives they live, the show will in time include vintage tv commercials from the past, and local characters and guests from their community – folks Joey+Rory interact with on a daily basis – will also be highlighted.

“RFD-TV is very proud to be able to bring our viewers such a wonderful program with great music, entertainment and clearly the love you see on the screen between Joey+Rory,” said Kelly Kantz, RFD-TV GM/SVP of Program Sales. “A real quality program that will make you smile from the inside!”

The Joey+Rory Show is scheduled to air every Friday at 9:00 pm Eastern on RFT-TV. Episodes will re-air Saturdays at 7:00 am and Mondays at 2:00 pm and midnight. All times Eastern.

For more information, tour dates and to view their emotional new music video “When I’m Gone,” visit



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