The Dirt Drifters – This Is My Blood

by Chuck Dauphin

Every so often, a group comes across that doesn’t need a lot of refinement or fine-tuning.  They are simply ready to hit the road.  Warner Brothers has hit the proverbial jackpot with this new group that has a little bit of everything up their musical sleeve.

Comprised of lead singer Matt Fleener, guitarists Ryan Fleener and Jeff Middleton, bass player Jeremy Little, and drummer Nick Diamond, the Dirt Drifters cover all the musical bases—–Traditional Country, Rock & Roll, Funk, and some old school R&B to come out with a sound that is entirely different than any group out on the radio right now.

They are at their best when they let their attitude show, as they do on the infectious tracks like “Something Better,” “Just Got Tonight” or the confidence-filled “It Takes A Man,” which includes one of the best come-on lines since the Bellamys recorded “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body.”

But there’s more to the Dirt Drifters than just swagger.  There’s also grit, realism, and a lot of heart that shows through in spots such as “There She Goes,” “Hurt Somebody,” and “This Is My Blood,” that is about as strong a lyric as you will find in Nashville today. Also in that league is the realistic “Married Men and Motel Rooms,” and if you need more, well, Willie Nelson himself gives a stamp of approval on the thumping “I’ll Shut Up Now.” That should say a lot! For more about The Dirf Drifters or to buy this CD, visit



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