Taylor Swift Crushed the Dream of Her Creepiest Fan

taylor-swift-feb2013If you are a 39-year-old man with questionable taste in music, please be advised that you are NOT eligible to become Taylor Swift‘s biggest fan. That’s what Boston resident Charles (just one name, like Sting) learned after winning Kiss 108 FM’s Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan Contest only to be informed that his victory “compromised” the “integrity” of the contest. It’s not clear if Charles’ online campaign to meet the 23-year-old publicity prodigy violated contest rules when he openly claimed he intended to “make a complete ass of himself by blatantly just sniffing her hair with cameras rolling,” but it is clear that Taylor Swift would prefer not to have backstage meetups with 39-year-old men who threaten to behave like creeps around her. 35-year-old men maybe, but certainly not 39-year-old men.

Fortunately for those currently tallying Taylor Swift’s karma points, last Friday the singer visited an Italian restaurant in Philly, hooked the chef up with free concert tickets for his autistic son, and then left a $500 tip.



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