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Tracy DeLucia – Self Titled

New York native Tracy DeLucia has made quite an impact at secondary radio as of late with her smoky new single “Stand By Your Man (The Hell I Am!).” I guess you could call it the anti-Tammy Wynette song – I mean that with all due respect! The songstress proves on her debut EP that she has plenty of styles from which to draw on. And, as good as the single is, it’s actually the third best of the cuts here. Producer extraordinaire Kent…
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Tracy Delucia – Empowered

You don’t hear of that many New York based country girls, but the stunning Tracy Delucia has made a habit of going against the grain during her life and career. Her style definitely has dashes of Country, as well as Rock, and she possesses quite the energy when performing these cuts. Simply put, Delucia has attitude – and plenty of it. That comes to the forefront of such energetic cuts as the fun and loose “Shady Tree In Maui,” as well as the sass-filled “Ain’t Got Time To Be Sad,” which she handles with…
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