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The Walking Who – Lewiside

December was a good time for surprise new music. Radiohead did it with their brilliant single Spectre, but local boys The Walking Who upped the ante considerably and dropped their sophomore album basically without warning. Following their win in FBi’s Nothern Lights comp, the three-piece shifted their headquarters to Iceland, one of the many places they hunkered down…
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6 Artists that Labels Should Get Off Their Arses and Sign

Let’s face it, records labels no longer hold the torch as what will make or break an artist. The music industry has changed and we all know it. We all know the power of social media, we all know that anyone can create a Bandcamp account to sell their music, and we all know that triple J Unearthed is open to taking demos from anyone, anywhere in Australia, everyday. But while all these…
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The Walking Who Release New Single With Roses

by Jemma Nott If you’re looking for something deliciously indie to sate your afternoon palette then you really can’t go past Australian 3-piece, The Walking Who. The band have a bit of making indie-pop melodies with a chilled out 70’s undertone. Their …
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The Walking Who – Mansions

Every aspiring musician has written down a list of cool places to record albums, because fuck studios, right?* My personal top three from back when I dreamt of being a rock and roll star (after learning an Oasis song on my squier and 5 watt practice amp) were 1: A Submarine 2: Big Ass Castle 3: Spooky Haunted Mansion Psych trio The Walking Who have recorded a 5 track EP in the latter – a big old house in their hometown of Wollongong, whose final owner mysteriously …,
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