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Elements of a Great Artist Website

As a performer it’s imperative that you set up and maintain a great website. It should be the hub of all of your marketing efforts. It can be anywhere from 5 to 15 pages but there are things that it definitely needs to have or to accomplish. We’ll talk about them in this blog article. The first decision is whether to have a professional do your website or whether you will be designing…
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The Benefits of Having a Mentor

If your desire and goal is to become a professional songwriter, then I am sure that you are always asking yourself what you can do next to perfect your skills and talents, and reach the top of the ladder of success. For those lucky few that realize in high school that they want to pursue a songwriting career, there are a few …
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Take a few minutes today to think about just how focused on songwriting you actually are. Do you feel that words like focused, driven and persistent, describe you? Or are you more like, scattered, rambling and occasional? Learning and becoming proficient at anything – from brain surgery to writing songs, – takes a high level of focus. I suspect that as an up and coming songwriter if you put as much effort into learning songwriting as the doctor did in learning brain surgery – you would be a…
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Are You Getting Paid To Play?

Let’s face it, it’s hard to make money in the music business, so it pays to know about every income source available to you. As a songwriter you should already know about the performance rights organizations: ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. And if you are a performing songwriter, I want to make sure you know about ASCAP OnStage and BMI Live. It used to be that, (according to their websites) ASCAP and BMI only monitored, “all songs performed in the 200 top-grossing…
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What is YOUR Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is an overview of an idea, product, service, project, person, or other Solution and is designed to just get a conversation started. Maybe you’re wondering why I’m writing this article. You’re not a car salesmen, why do you need an Elevator Pitch. Well the truth is that you are a salesperson and you are trying to sell yourself. Whenever you attend a workshop, conference or songwriter event, there is a great chance of seeing someone there that you feel might be beneficial to your career.
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How To Become a Better Songwriter by NOT Writing Songs

I remember when I was kid playing softball, our coach would always make us go back and practice the basics if we were on a losing streak or playing poorly. That’s a tool that I’ve kept with me all my life. It’s often way too easy to get into lazy or bad habits, particularly in things we do on a regular basis. We get tend to get sloppy. The same thing can happen with songwriting. If you aren’t writing anything that has a magic to it or just doesn’t feel real – maybe it’s time to go…
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Sound Exchange and How It Benefits You

Last month I detailed the performance rights organizations ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. This E-Tip, I want to talk about another royalty collection source that some of you may not even be aware of – Sound Exchange. Sound Exchange was created in 2000 as a division of Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA.) In 2003 they spun off as an independent and non-profit organization. At that time they were appointed by the US Library of Congress to collect and distribute digital performance royalties to featured recording…
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Which Performance Rights Organization Is Right For You?

Since one of the unique things we do at Kim Copeland Productions, when working with writers and artists, is try to provide a bit of free advice – we often get asked about joining a performance rights organization. The three organizations here in the United States are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, Broadcast Music Inc. and The Society of European Stage Authors and Composers, respectively). A performance rights organization primarily provides the collection of royalties…
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Me, Myself or Someone Else

Today more than ever, you are responsible for your own success in the music business. Seems impossible for a writer to just write and magically be discovered. We all can see that there is a lot of competition out there. Now I’m not necessarily saying there are multitudes of better writers than you, you may be really awesome. What I am saying is that there are lots of people trying to squeeze in the door and you need to consider – what you can be doing to ensure you have a place in that line.
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