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Steve Hunter: The Gibson Interview (Part 2)

Fans of classic rock know Steve Hunter best for his brilliant guitar work on such legendary albums as Lou Reed’sBerlin, Alice Cooper’sWelcome to My Nightmare and Peter Gabriel’s self-titled solo debut. Last week, we spoke with the veteran guitarist about his new solo album, The Manhattan Blues Project—including a discussion of the guitars he chose to play on the disc and how he captures his distinctive tone. In this second installment, Hunter looks back at key moments in his career…
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Steve Hunter – The Manhattan Blues Project

As a veteran of the twin guitar attack of Alice Cooper’s band (with Dick Wagner), Steve Hunter has never really been recognized for a lot more than that. But on The Manhattan Blues Project, Hunter shows a completely different side of himself as a musician, with 12 instrumental tracks that are laid back and introspective but with an edge. This album isn’t exactly new age, but it’s also not exactly what one would expect from a classic rock legend. Guest guitarists like Michael Lee Firkins, Chickenfoot’s…
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10 Amazing Solos Played on Les Pauls

With its rich sustain, distinctive tone and finger-friendly fretboard, it’s hardly surprising that many of rock’s greatest solos have been played on Les Pauls. Through the years, thousands of unforgettable solos have been unleashed on the instrument, often within the context of classic songs. Below is a sampling of some of the most brilliant. Please add your personal favorites in the comments section that follows. “Walk This Way” – Joe Perry (Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, 1975). Joe Perry came up with the perfect solo for the bridge section…
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