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9 Things Not To Do With Your Next Song Demo

A song demo is trying to accomplish one thing: sell your song to the listener. While there‚Äôs no magic formula for rising to the top, these 9 tips will help you avoid sinking to the bottom of the pile. Last year, I got a call to produce a record for an artist on a NY label. It was a rush project, they wanted it distributed in early December in time to ship…
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Six Ways To See if You’re Ready for a Professional Song Demo

One of the big decisions that we, as songwriters, have to make is whether or not we’re ready for a professional song demo. In other words, is our song good enough to warrant spending the money and time necessary to make a high-quality recording? While our instinct may be to love all of our songs equally, the reality is that some of our songs are simply better/more commercially viable than others. The problem is deciding which songs those are. Below …
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How Good Does My Demo Need To Be For The NSAI Song Evaluation Service?

This is a question we hear often at NSAI. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Professional demos can be very expensive and it is in the best interest of most writers to hold off on investing in a full production until you have received professional feedback. When sending a song in to the NSAI song evaluation service, a simple guitar-vocal or piano-vocal is sufficient. The purpose of the evaluation service is to help you craft your personal best song. The truth is…
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