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Leslie Cours Mather – We Are America

As we celebrate America’s 240th birthday, there are some people out there who don’t understand the meaning of, or the reason for, American patriotism. Leslie Cours Mather wants to make sure everybody knows this is still the greatest country on earth, and she gets the message across in a big way with her new single, “We Are America.”
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Bob Dylan – Fallen Angels

Jeff Slate of Esquire magazine recently pronounced Bob Dylan The Greatest American Singer Of All Time. A subjective opinion, obviously, like asking who was the real Allman Brothers natural virtuoso, Duane or Dickey (Dickey of course). But no matter what you think of Dylan’s voice, it’s back again on his second album of Sinatra covers in as many years, Fallen Angels. And it’s wonderful.
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Southern Halo – Self-Titled

“Little White Dress,” the opening track of the self-titled debut album by Southern Halo, begins with 16 seconds of a cappella singing, establishing right off the bat what this group is all about – great vocals. This trio of teenage sisters – lead singer Natalia Morris and her harmonizing younger sisters, Christina and Hannah – conjures instant comparisons to SHeDAISY or the Dixie Chicks. Add in…
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Introducing Jake Clayton

The Country music field is filled with a lot of talent these days, but very few artists can begin to claim to be as original and genuine as Jake Clayton. Clayton is a singer who gives his audiences a show unlike anything they’ve seen, not just because of his awesome vocal abilities, quality material and showmanship, but because he plays over 20 instruments on a…
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No Refund Band – Current State of Blue

The Texas-based No Refund Band is back with its second album, Current State of Blue, which is about two-thirds originals, mostly written by lead singer and lead guitarist Ricky Jackson, as well as some guitar-based covers from the classic rock era. What makes this band stand out from so many other guitar-based, sometimes-dinosaurish blues bands is the addition of horns, and the fact that they…
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Donald Ray Johnson – These Blues – The Best of Donald Ray Johnson

I have to admit that I didn’t even know who this guy was when I received this CD. I also have to admit I’m very pleasantly surprised. Donald Ray Johnson was the drummer for A Taste of Honey (remember “Boogie Oogie Oogie”?), the Grammy-winning band that beat Toto and Elvis Costello for the “Best New Artist” award in 1979. Pretty unfair, actually, but that’s how…
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Jim Ed Brown: Never Out Of Style

Jim Ed Brown’s smooth, understated vocal was a radio favorite for the better part of three decades, in contrast to the work of vocalists of the period like Marty Robbins and Waylon Jennings, who, while excellent, made their names through the cult of personality as much as their singing. But Brown achieved his success with a sound built on melody and tone…
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Jim Ed Brown – In Style Again

There aren’t many of them left, country artists who ruled the airwaves from the 1950s through the 1970s, singers who may have changed horses as the decades passed but who never really left the corral. Singers like Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins…they’re mostly gone now. But Jim Ed Brown is still around, and he continues to carry the traditional country torch…
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Ray Price’s Wife Carries on Country Icon’s Legacy

It was December 16th of 2013 when one of the truly great, innovative voices of country music left us. Ray Price set the tone in the late 1940s for what country music would become over the next several decades, first creating the “Ray Price Shuffle” that lent an air of musical sophistication to the honky-tonk subset, and then developing a distinguished…
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James Carothers – Bringing Country Back

James Carothers takes a swig of his Yazoo pale ale, looks out the hotel room window, and sighs. He’d like to chill for a while but he’s got another interview to do. This one. Carothers is in Nashville on a two-day whirlwind promotional trip, some 1,200 miles from his Los Alamos, New Mexico home, for meetings and interviews surrounding the success of his Nashville…
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James Carothers – Honky Tonk Land

In an era when country music is often compared to bad pop, there are still a few practitioners of the music out there who are true to its roots. One of these is James Carothers, an up-and-comer out of the Desert Southwest whose gutbucket baritone and old-style country sensibilities revolve around emotion and real-life situations, as opposed…
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The Red Wine Effect – Afternoon Cab

The Red Wine Effect is a Nashville female vocal duo, a bit of a rarity in this day of solo country singers who don’t rely much on harmony vocals, or at least harmony vocals that play much of a role in the song. Kathy Redwine (who swears that the band is named for the product of the grape, and not after her) and Hollie Brogunier are the members of the duo, maybe the closest thing to a female Brooks & Dunn that Nashville seen in a while.
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Musicians Hall of Fame Inducts Legends

Tuesday night was another of those “only in Nashville” nights, as some of music’s most famous names, and behind-the-scenes players of instruments, took to the stage of the Municipal Auditorium to perform and pay homage to friends and heroes alike for the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum’s annual induction ceremony. Chip Esten, who portrays Deacon Claybourne on the ABC prime-time soap Nashville, was the emcee for the evening, which included…
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Wolf-Face – Still a Son of a Bitch

Real punk rock, for better or worse, was born of the pain and anger of a post-Nixon generation that was really pissed off. From Johnny Rotten to Television to the Germs and others, true punk rockers gave rise to a movement that pre-dated Kurt Cobain’s angst and sense of belonging nowhere. In the digital age, though, true punk bands don’t really seem to exist (please, don’t e-mail me and argue). So now we have the Florida band Wolf-Face that seems to…
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Lydia Brownfield – Wanting’s for Sinners

On Lydia Brownfield’s fine new album Waiting’s For Sinners, any number of female pop/alternative vocalists of the past 30 years come to mind. Aimee Mann, Tori Amos, maybe even a more melodic Debbie Harry all show up in her vocal, not necessarily because Brownfield sounds a lot like them, but because there really aren’t that many women singing what she sings today, songs that hearken back to the ’80s and ’90s and are more complemented by production than dependent upon it…
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Dane Schmidt Brings the North Country to Nashville

Very few independent artists actually make a living off their music, but Dane Schmidt has been able to do it for several years now with a combination of musical talent, drive and business smarts. As the mastermind behind the band the Jamestown Story, Schmidt has sold over 250,000 song downloads and some 25,000 albums. While the Jamestown Story has at various times been a full band and sometimes is simply Schmidt alone, the act has played all over the nation and even in Japan. That all …
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Lightnin Malcolm – Rough Out There

Mississippi’s Lightnin Malcolm is a modern-day blues rocker who is influenced by far more than just the blues, but whose music carries the stamp of several styles that could be part of life’s soundtrack for anyone old enough to remember the Viet Nam war. With a guitar sound and style that can often be likened to that of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, but a repertoire that includes tunes that are also reggae and soul-influenced (with some nice horns), as well as some country (real country, not what the…
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Pete Huttlinger – McGuire’s Landing

Pete Huttlinger is one of Nashville’s best-known acoustic guitar players, having spent several years touring with the late John Denver before becoming a session player for such artists as Faith Hill and Jimmy Buffett. But he’s also known as a man who has cheated death in recent years, overcoming a stroke and a cardiac event to somehow return with his playing abilities intact. So since he’s got his chops back, he did what any red-blooded guitar player would do: He recorded an album based around…
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Little Mike and the Tornadoes – Forgive Me

“Little Mike” Markowitz has a blues history that dates back some 30 years, having worked with Chicago blues legends like Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater. On his latest album Forgive Me, Little Mike returns after a long hiatus to do what he does best: blow some mean and tasty blues harp to a group of mostly three-chord progression original 12-bar Chicago-style blues tunes. There’s nothing new or startling here, and that’s just fine. If there’s one thing that Little Mike…
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Charlie Worsham’s Star on the Rise

Nashville is full of hopefuls who never get anywhere in the music business, but once in a while a young artist gets signed not because he or she has the money to back himself or herself up, but because he or she has the goods. A lot of people think Charlie Worsham has the goods. Worsham, a former member of Nashville band KingBilly, is a multi-instrumentalist who plays just about anything with strings, but, unlike most musicians, is also musically educated, having studied at the …
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