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Bret Michaels – Jammin’ With Friends

Bret Michaels may be best known for his 80s rocker days with Poison, but he has been spending a lot of time in Nashville over the past few years. The rumor is that he is working on a full-fledged Country album. While this is not that project, it does contain several tracks that could fit right in on the radio – including a sensational collaboration with a Country Music Hall of Fame member that deserves to be heard. Overall…
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10 Great ‘80s Rock Ballads for Valentine’s Day

Sure, ‘80s rock ballads can be hilarious and nonsensical at times. But there’s something to be said for a big-sounding, from-the-heart arena ballad with cheesy lyrics and grandiose guitars. In other words, there’s nothing quite like a ‘80s rock ballad to see you through Valentine’s Day, whether you’re alone or newly in love. Check out 10 Rock Ballads for Valentine’s Day below (in alphabetical order), and keep that loving feeling alive! Valentine’s Day brings out images of cherubs and angels, so Aerosmith’s “Angel” seems a good…
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