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STOP “Working” for Free!

Whether you are a professional photographer, DJ, musician, website builder or any number of other creative-type jobs, it is likely you’ve come up against those individuals who are not only undercutting your already rock-bottom prices, but are doing the work for free. Yes… FREE. By inserting themselves into the workforce for no pay, the “free” workers are undermining not only…
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The Unwanted: A Photographer’s Perspective On The Music Industry Today

I have to wonder when media and concert photographers became the unwanted step-children of the music industry. . Over the last decade, the industry as undergone some significant changes in the way media is allowed – or, more aptly put, not allowed – access to artists, concerts and events. We used to be wanted, even needed, by artists who understood that it was our photos, our articles, that helped them get to where they are today.
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