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10 Rockers to “Like” on Facebook

Social media has changed the way we interact with each other. Now we can get up to the minute information about the lives of our favorite musicians through services like Facebook and Twitter. There is quite a change that has occurred in just the past ten years. It used to be that if you wanted information about a band you would have to wait for an interview in a music magazine. Now many musicians write on Twitter and Facebook, giving their fans up to date information on their latest projects. Here we list ten musicians who…
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10 Musicians to Follow on Twitter

Love or hate social media, there’s no disputing the fact it’s a quick and effective way for famous types to send information to the masses, whether that’s details on a new album or random musings about their dating life. We’ve spotted 10 rockers who are uber-active on Twitter and some of their latest tweets. Check out our list of “Rocker to Follow on Twitter” below, and follow Gibson on Twitter via @GibsonGuitar! (I’m on Twitter, too, via @localmusicbeat.) Who: Sebastian Bach. Twitter handle: @SebastianBach. Why he’s hot on Twitter: Former Skid Row…
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