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Four Genre-Breaking Artists Shine on New Sets

Four noteworthy ensembles are breaking new ground across a wide range of genres, while a new documentary celebrates the electric guitar. Artist: GoGo Penguin. Title: Man Made Object (Blue Note Records). You might like if you enjoy: Vince Guaraldi Trio, Robert Glasper Trio, Brian Eno. Tell me more: Manchester, UK-based trio GoGo Penguin crafts soundscapes as lush and exciting as any young …
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How to Play Like Les Paul

Les Paul wasn’t just a pioneer of guitar design. Although he was that too. He pioneered the design or at least the use of the solidbody electric guitar, the magnetic pickup (in the late 1920s he jammed a photograph needle in the top of his Sears-Roebuck guitar to amplify it), multitrack recording technology – he even invented his own harmonica rack when he was still a kid! With all this inventiveness and inquisitiveness it’s sometimes easy to forget that everything Les created was in the service of creating music. So let’s look at some of the guitar …
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Ozzy’s Great Guitarists

The quintessential heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne turns 64 on Monday, December 3. Starting in 1969 he’s cut seven albums with Black Sabbath that helped define the genre and 15 more solo discs that did the same for a second generation of fans. It’s safe to say he’s toured the world’s stages more often than he can remember. And Ozzy’s been the central figure in a rolling heavy metal festival named after him as well as a reality TV star. Sharon Osbourne isn’t the only person he couldn’t have done it without. A crucial part of Ozzy’s career has…
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10 Amazing Solos Played on Les Pauls

With its rich sustain, distinctive tone and finger-friendly fretboard, it’s hardly surprising that many of rock’s greatest solos have been played on Les Pauls. Through the years, thousands of unforgettable solos have been unleashed on the instrument, often within the context of classic songs. Below is a sampling of some of the most brilliant. Please add your personal favorites in the comments section that follows. “Walk This Way” – Joe Perry (Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, 1975). Joe Perry came up with the perfect solo for the bridge section…
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3 Doors Down’s Chet Roberts Talks Les Pauls

It reads like a rock star fairytale: Guy lands a gig as 3 Doors Down’s guitar tech. Said guy spends years on the road, learning the ins-and-outs of the band. A few years later, he’s in the band! That’s exactly what happened to Chet Roberts. The longtime guitar tech for 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson now holds down rhythm guitar duties in the band, and he couldn’t be happier. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now!” Roberts gushed on the phone with Gibson.com. These days, Mississippi-based 3 Doors Down have…
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Richie Sambora on His Friendship with Les Paul

Twenty-three years ago, a feature article in Guitar World began with these words: “On a humid New Jersey night in early July, Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora sat on an empty dock on the Manasquan River chatting with guitar legend Les Paul. It was well after midnight, and while a party was in full swing just a hundred yards away, Sambora and Paul were left to themselves as they talked about music, the industry and guitars.” That night marked the beginning of an extraordinary friendship, a near father-son relationship between Paul and Sambora that …
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Keith Richards and Steve Miller Do More for Les

Keith Richards takes to his official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with an exclusive “Ask Keith” video clip answering the question “What was it like to work with Lou Pallo?” on the new Les Paul tribute album, Thank You Les. “He …
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Lou Pallo Holds Party For Release of “Thank You, Les”

Guitarist Lou Pallo and the Les Paul Trio were joined by several special guests in celebrating the release of his new CD/DVD, Thank You Les, which pays tribute to the legendary Les Paul, for two shows on Monday, September 10, at the Iridium in New York City. The shows were preceded by a special screening of the documentary film that comprises the DVD disc in the set. An amazing array of all-star musicians joined Lou Pallo that night, including Steve Miller (who also penned the package’s liner notes), Johnny A, Arlen…
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Steve Vai To Receive Les Paul Award At 27th Annual TEC Awards

Guitar virtuoso, composer and producer Steve Vai will be presented with the prestigious Les Paul Award
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