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Julie Jean White – A Perfectly Pure Songwriter

“Records, record stores, the way we made them, that’s all gone now and it’s up to the young musicians to figure it all out” – Joe Walsh. Indeed, the musical landscape has changed dramatically during the legend’s 40-year recording career. Now he and many others with roots in the analog era are looking for answers from one of the rarest commodities in the industry…
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Julie Jean White – Self Titled

There’s just something about Minnesota native Julie Jean White. First of all, fans of the male gender might be attracted at first to the artwork, as White is simply a stunning woman. That being said, she’s a lot more than just good looks. This is one of the top independent singer-songwriter discs I have heard in quite some time, and it is made so by the very effective way White segues from one emotional spectrum to the next. She handles a wide array of sounds, and does it very well. Kicking off with the pain-drenched
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