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Joe Bonamassa – Blues of Desperation

It is now hard to believe that as recently as five years ago, guitarist Joe Bonamassa was largely unknown. But with his albums hitting No. 1 with such regularity, the top chart position seems to be an afterthought now. Such is the case with his 17th release, “Blues Of Desperation.” The project is once again helmed by producer Kevin Shirley. While some tracks have a little sheen on them…
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Music Aplenty Courtesy of New Album and DVD Titles

Majestic returns from modern-day guitar hero Joe Bonamassa and Southern hard rocker 3 Doors Down, as well as the release of a wonderful tribute to George Harrison and involving documentary about ’80s hard rock hit makers Twisted Sister are among a parade of fantastic new releases available. Also worth discovering is an unreleased collection of outstanding recordings from the…
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Rock Candy Funk Party – Groove Is King

It’s nice to get what you want. In light of the meteoric rise of his solo career, Joe Bonamassa has said, “One of my greatest joys is being part of a band. I don’t have to sing, front it and be ‘the guy.’” He gets his wish as a member of the all-star lineup of Rock Candy Funk Party. The band’s sophomore release, “Groove Is King” is a 16-song genre blurring collection…
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New Music DVD Titles Are First Rate

A number of new DVDs (several also available on Blu-ray) celebrate the far-flung corners of the musical universe in essential, bonus material-loaded packages. Artist: Kansas. Title: Miracles Out of Nowhere (Epic Records / Legacy Recordings). You might like if you enjoy: Kansas, Rush, Queen. Tell me more: Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Kerry Livgren, Robby…
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Famed Singer-Songwriters and Bands Showcased on New Collections  

New releases from top-tier artists James McMurtry, Blackberry Smoke, as well as an essential tribute to ’70s soul singer Betty Davis and an inspired tribute to English tunesmith Elvis Costello are worth discovering. James McMurtry. Title: Complicated Game (INGrooves/Fontana). You might like if you enjoy: Warren Zevon, Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp.
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Joe Bonamassa and Mahalia Barnes: Ooh Yea – The Betty Davis Songbook

When people hear the name “Bette Davis,” the iconic American actress comes immediately to mind. But there is also Betty with a “y”. Born Betty Mabry, she married legendary trumpeter Miles Davis in the late ‘60s. She became one of the sassiest, funkiest female vocalists of the era. ”Ooh Yea! – The Betty Davis Songbook” is another Joe Bonamassa…
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Electronica, Blues, Rock and Country Celebrated on September Releases

Outstanding LPs from synthpop pioneer Erasure, bluesman Joe Bonamassa, country singer Tim McGraw and genre-defying singer-guitarist Gary Clark Jr. are among the wonderful new releases out this month. Erasure. Title: The Violet Flame (Mute). You might like if you enjoy: Depeche Mode, Moby, Arcade Fire. Tell me more: As they prove…
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Joe Bonamassa – Different Shades of Blue

Okay, by now you know who Joe Bonamassa is. The blues titan has gone from “the greatest guitar player no one has ever heard of” to the #1 guitar player in the world thanks to PBS and a worldwide social media firestorm. The mainstream music press may have been slow to catch on (Rolling Stone did not mention him until they reviewed his 14th album, “Driving Towards The Daylight” last year). His newest release…
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Roots Music Champions Fired Up On New Discs

Moreland & Arbuckle, Walter Trout, and Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa are featured on summertime sets. Moreland-Arbuckle_7citiesArtist: Moreland & Arbuckle. Title: 7 Cities (Telarc/Concord Music Group). You might like if you enjoy: Badlands, Little Walter, Buddy Guy, Vintage Trouble. Tell me more: This year has proved to be a banner year for insightful and hard-hitting roots blues and roots music. On the heels of excellent early 2013 releases from Otis Taylor and Ben Harper’s acclaimed collaboration …
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Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Release “Seesaw” To Global Radio Via AirPlay Direct

  Seesaw reunites force-of-nature blues-rock vocalist Beth Hart and guitar hero Joe Bonamassa for a second album of choice covers from various musical eras. As with their first outing, Don’t Explain, the project is in collaboration with producer Kevin Shirley …
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Concert Review: Joe Bonamassa in New York

In the first 20 minutes of his show at New York’s Beacon Theater, Joe Bonamassa had broken a string and had a few people were dancing in the aisles while he shredded through the first five songs. That’s nothing new, except he hadn’t even strapped on the Les Paul yet. The 2013 tour opens with an acoustic mini set featuring two covers; Bad Company’s Seagull and Charlie Mingus’s Jelly Roll. Even if the songs were unfamiliar to some, the blazing runs, foot stomping beat and frenetic energy…
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10 Rockers to “Like” on Facebook

Social media has changed the way we interact with each other. Now we can get up to the minute information about the lives of our favorite musicians through services like Facebook and Twitter. There is quite a change that has occurred in just the past ten years. It used to be that if you wanted information about a band you would have to wait for an interview in a music magazine. Now many musicians write on Twitter and Facebook, giving their fans up to date information on their latest projects. Here we list ten musicians who…
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10 All-Star Tips For Improving Your Guitar Skills

When you’ve just started out playing guitar, it is always a good idea to draw inspiration from other guitarists around you. There’s nothing better than learning from other musicians. An experienced guitarist can certainly steer you in the right direction as you try to strum your first few chords on the six string. But surely, nothing would be better than getting advice from your guitar heroes, right? Slash spoke to Guitar World about how he’s been able to become one of the world’s best guitar players with a limited knowledge of scales…
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Joe Bonamassa – An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House

Joe Bonamassa, Acoustic evening, Vienna Opera house. If you think that is counterintuitive, toss in the nyckelharpa, glockenspiel and Irish fiddle and you’ve got a modern day magical mystery tour on your hands. Nonetheless, the blues phenom known for his bruising Les Paul manages to create an unparalleled unplugged experience with “An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House.” (out Mar. 26) After scorching London’s Royal Albert Hal land New York’s Beacon Theater on his prior live albums, Bonamassa…
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10 Greats Say Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no getting around it: for any beginning guitarist who aspires toward excellence, practice is the essential component in achieving that goal. But what about players who’ve already reached the pinnacle of their craft? Do they continue to practice, and what exactly does “practice” mean to them? Below, ten six-stringers who’ve climbed the ladder to greatness share their thoughts on the topic.
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10 Things You Might Not Know About Joe Bonamassa

No one could accuse Joe Bonamassa of not staying busy. This year alone, the guitar sensation has released three albums—a solo disc titled Dust Bowl; a group album titled 2, with Black Country Communion; and a duet album of soul classics, titled Don’t Explain, with acclaimed singer Beth Hart. Amazingly, as recently as last fall, some scribes were still calling Bonamassa “the best living guitarist you’ve never heard of.” Guitar …
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Start Me Up: Legends Talk About Beginning Guitar

For beginners, learning to play guitar is an adventure, a journey filled with discovery, excitement and experimentation. The ways in which a new player sets out on that path are infinite, but it’s always instructive to heed the experiences of those who’ve gone before. Below, five legendary players talk about how they first went about learning to play. Vivian Campbell (Def Leppard) The first song I learned was The Beatles’ “She Loves You.” That was a challenge for me, working out those chords. I didn’t know many people…
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Black Country Communion Project – Afterglow

Legendary producer Kevin ”Caveman” Shirley put the rock guts back into Rush in the 1980s when they started to get too keyboard and synth oriented. Guitarist Alex Lifeson was asked to ditch the reverb and Neal Peart the electric drums. The problem being addressed was strikingly clear and indicative of the Eighties. “The songs had no “balls,” Shirley said. “They were thin so I was hell bent on making a heavy record.” No such issue befalls his Black Country Communion project. The Anglo/American hybrid is unfairly…
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Joe Bonamassa to Film Quadruple-Show DVD

Each concert will feature never-before performed live tracks in four venues which chart Bonamassa’s rise through the ranks to his current level of — let’s face it — guitar megastardom. The four shows will individually showcase a unique band configuration …
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Guitarist Extraordinaire Joe Bonamassa Talks About New Supergroup And More

For a guy whose last two albums hit No. 1 on the blues charts and are both still sitting in the Top 10, Joe Bonamassa remains quietly off the grid. He was not mentioned in a mainstream music publication until the release of his 13th album. Despite his relentless touring schedule he somehow still has time to record and tour with supergroup Black Country Communion, the blues/rock tour de force with Jason Bonham, Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian. The band’s eagerly anticipated 3rd album
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