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The Hello Strangers – Self Titled

Music has changed a lot to my ears over the years. When I was growing up, the lines between genres were very decided and kind of easy to decipher. Nowadays. it’s not that simple. What was “Country,” back in 1988 might still be Country, but it might also be known as Americana. That’s where you have The Hello Strangers. Hailing from Pennsylvania, the sister duo of Larissa Chace Smith and Brechyn certainly wouldn’t have been…
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Nikki Lane – All Or Nothin’

There’s a confidence that Nikki Lane tends to exude that makes you realize – not even midway through the opening “Right Time,” that she has not only got the stage and vocal swagger to spare – but she’s likely had it since she first performed in front of the public. Imagine what Wanda Jackson might have sounded like had she started her career today instead of the 1950s, and you’ve got it – almost. At times, like on the opening…
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Bombadil – Tarpits and Canyonheads

Comprised of Daniel Michalak, James Philips, and Stuart Robinson, the three-piece band known as Bombadil has carved out a nice little hole in the world of critical acclaim of their music. And, how does one describe their sound? It’s not easy! There are many layers to what the group does. There is a twinge of Americana sounds, but also a heavy leaning of folk, which comes into play on “Kate And Kelsey” and “25…
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Randy Rogers Band – Homemade Tamales

For well over a decade, the Randy Rogers Band have provided some of the finest moments in and outside of the Texas Music sub-genre with songs like “Tonight’s Not The Night For Goodbye,” “Fuzzy,” “”Kiss Me In The Dark,” and “Trouble Knows My Name.” The band documents moments like those with this new comprehensive collection that features 2 CD’S and a DVD of all the excitement that is a RRB show. For their…
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Pianist/Pop-Songwriter Sara Jackson-Holman Debuts “For Albert” Music Video At American Songwriter Magazine

Portland, Oregon-based pianist/singer
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Red Wanting Blue Launches West Coast Tour

Red Wanting Blue is following up two sold out end-of-the-year shows with the launch of a west coast run of dates today in San Luis Obispo, CA. The Columbus, Ohio-based band has been touring non-stop for the past year behind …
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Greensboro’s Unifer (Formerly Future Ghosts) Post Acoustic Version of “Lifted” as Free Download/Stream

Unifier (formerly Greensboro, NC’s Future Ghosts) has posted an acoustic version
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Coy Taylor – Better Man

Average Joe’s might have very well pulled off one of the biggest steals of 2012 with the signing of Coy Taylor to their roster. The Kentucky native had already impressed critics and fans with his debut single, and now with the release of his very first EP, it sounds like all systems are go for Taylor to become one of the “ones to watch” in 2013. Taylor has quite a bit of depth as an artist and a writer. That’s apparent in the opener, “Shake The…
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David Ball & The Pioneer Playboys – The Greatest Christmas

Since he burst upon the charts almost twenty years ago with the traditionally-charged “Thinkin’ Problem,” David Ball has developed a reputation for being one of the most uniquely talented acts in the music business. His first-ever Christmas album continues that tradition, as well, as it’s evident he’s doing it his own way, not copying anyone else. The title cut is a showcase for his natural twang-ified voice, but the arrangement channels memories…
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Various Artists – Sweet Truth Records, Cleveland Compilation, Volume 1

New record company Sweet Truth has a lot of reasons to be proud these days. Judging from the talent on their initial compilation disc, they should very well be looking forward to the new year, as many of their artists seem to be ready for the prime time. Leading off this sampler is Brent Kirby and The Lost Fortunes, a group that showcases their winning personality and talent blend on the fun-filled “Place The Pieces.” Up next in the lineup is…
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Nine Times Blue – Falling Slowly

The city of Atlanta, Georgia has a lot of different sounds and styles that make it such a great musical melting pot. At the forefront of the city’s musical scene is this group that is comprised of Kirk Waldrop, Greg King, Jeff Nelson, and Jason Brewer. You remember how it was back in the late 1980s and early 1990s? Rock and Pop bands recording music that just made you feel good rather than trying to push the envelope from a tech / dance level or…
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Greensboro’s Future Ghosts Opt To Change Name to UNIFIER In Response to Last Week’s Events

Due to the unfortunate events surrounding the name Future Ghosts in the past week
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Annabel’s New LP ‘Youth in Youth’ Now OUt

It may not seem like it, but Annabel’s sophomore album, Youth In Youth has been a long time coming. Annabel came into this world some eight years ago, and not one second of those experiences has been taken for granted. …
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Last Call Release Free Holiday Song

Las Vegas, NV punk rock band Last Call have posted a FREE holiday song titled “The Duke’s Real Name Was Marion Morrison”. CLICK HERE to download it. A Message from Last Call: “We originally wrote ‘Duke’ for Punks In Vegas’ …
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Brooke White To To Perform Live On “Good Day LA” Tue Dec. 18

Tune in to watch singer-songwriter-musician-actress BROOKE WHITEperform live on “GOOD DAY LA” morning show on Tuesday, December 18 during the 9:00 AM PT hour. BROOKE will perform “California Christmas” from her first-ever holiday album WHITE CHRISTMAS (out now via June …
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Josh Doyle Premieres “Everyone’s Alone” Live Acoustic Video

Singer-songwriter Josh Doyle (formerly of the UK band The Dumdums) has recently unveiled the new video for the acoustic version of his track “Everyone’s Alone.” The video, which premiered this week on Artist Direct, was shot live for the ‘At: …
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Excision Bringing “Execution Tour” Tour to Austin, TX Thursday, February 21 at Austin Music Hall

Excision returns fully loaded with the launch of the massive “Execution Tour,” a North
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Allen Stone Is VH1’s First “you Gotta Know” Artist of 2013

Allen Stone has been named VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artist for January 2013. VH1/VH1.com will bring viewers a stripped down “You Oughta Know Live” performance by Allen as well as interviews and other exclusives early next year.The VH1 “You Oughta …
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War Poets – Dulce et Decorum Est

War Poets’ first full length recording Dulce et Decorum Est shows off a collective effort of five veterans of the Minnesota pop/rock scene running the gamut from country rockers to piano ballads with lyrics mainly written by Rex Haberman who shares songwriting duties with bandmates Matt Kirkwold and Jenny Case. Instead of narrowing down the playing field to one cohesive album, it is a clean divide between kicking off rockers on the first CD with the crackle of plugging in guitars and blasting off with the Replacements-esque…
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Dolls On Fire – Ladies & Gentlemen

For years, the battle of the sexes has raged on and on. Has either gender been able to gain the upper hand? One can debate that, but few have put the ongoing war into the musical format as interestingly as this harmony-laden debut EP suggests. There’s a swagger that vocalists Zach Hodson and Rachel Jaggard presents that cuts right through the lyrics. Emotionally, they seem to be rolling the dice and going for broke – especially on “Give…
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