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Gibson Guitar Launches Southern Rock Tribute Guitar With Legends of the Genre

On Monday, May 19th Southern Rock legends including Dickey Betts of the Allman Brothers, Charlie Daniels of Charlie Daniels Band, Rickey Medlocke and Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie all came together to unveil Gibson Guitar’s …
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Arlen Roth on Learning Fingerstyle

I cannot stress enough just how important finger-style guitar is to developing your true overall approach to the guitar. If I didn’t play with my fingers in addition to using the pick, I would certainly feel like I only had a “half” ability on the instrument. More than that, finger-style is the only true way you can really “control” the 6 strings of your instrument. The blocking, dampening, muting and overall touch you get in this way totally helps define your tone in a much more complete way than just using a flatpick.
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Keith Richards’ 10 Coolest Guitar Riffs

When it comes to The Rolling Stones’ signature riffs, Keith Richards has always been the band’s big daddy – especially during their golden era of the 1960s and ’70s, when various Gibson Les Pauls, ESmodels and Hummingbirds were often his instruments of choice. Here’s a rundown of the Stones’ coolest riffs. They’re all part of both the Richards canon and rock ’n’ roll history. Richards says this song’s epic three-note riff came to him in his sleep. If that’s the case, maybe he should get more…
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Joe Satriani On His Five Essential Albums

For nearly 30 years, Joe Satriani has reigned as one of contemporary music’s most admired and accomplished guitarists. His dazzling six-string work and compositional skills have garnered legions of followers, and indeed the current guitar landscape would look quite different if it weren’t for his pioneering ways. Countless players would no doubt cite Satriani’s albums as essential, but which albums does Satriani himself hold in similar esteem? Below, the 56-year-old guitar great answers….
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The World of Guitar According to Tony Iommi

Few would dispute that heavy metal’s most ominous strains can be traced to one source: Tony Iommi. Beginning with Black Sabbath’s 1970 debut album, Iommi ushered in a dark, sludgy sound that through the years has impacted bands as varied as Nirvana and Metallica. Sabbath’s new CD, 13, harks back to the style of such vintage classics as “Iron Man,” War Pigs” and “Children of the Grave.” Below, we gather some choice quotes from Iommi about his life as a pioneering guitarist.
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The Gibson Interview: Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders is the new band formed by the touring members of Thin Lizzy. Debut album All Hell Breaks Loose is out now and is getting rave reviews. Understandably so, as Black Star Riders’ debut echoes the classic twin Les Paul sound of ‘70s Thin Lizzy with added punch, swagger and some seriously good guitar to go. Black Star Riders are Ricky Warwick (ex-Almighty frontman), Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy Les Paul legend), Damon Johnson (guitarist for Brother Cane, Alice Cooper…
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Gear 101: How to Warm up Guitar Tone

The quest for the perfect tone is a lifelong journey for most dedicated guitarists — even those who are already in the music’s hallowed terrain. In fact, tone is the heart of artful playing. Think about the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Warren Haynes, Robert Fripp, Steve Howe, Alex Lifeson and the list goes on. All of these players are instantly recognizable by their tone.
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Instant Karma: John Lennon’s Top 10 Guitar Moments

John Lennon was one of the greatest songwriters of the rock and roll era, with or without Paul McCartney and with or without The Beatles. His legacy of Fab Four albums and solo recordings is staggeringly lyrical, emotionally complex and as often raw as it is achingly beautiful. It’s hard to believe the same guy who tugged six-minute symphonies of feedback from his Epiphone Casino with the Plastic Ono Band also was the architect of the acoustic Gibson J-160E-based “Norwegian Wood” and the textural, piano-driven “Imagine.”
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Gibson Offers Limited Edition J-200 Guitar In Support of Counrty Music HOF

The Gibson Foundation, the philan
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Gibson Guitar Plant in Nashville and Memphis Raided Today

Federal agents are in the process of raiding the offices of the Nashville-based Gibson Guitar
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