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Dave Le’aupepe Talks Life, Literature and Gang of Youths

It seems these days you can’t go an hour without hearing about Gang of Youths, with the Sydney four piece ready to release their debut album The Positions. Over a middy of stout, frontman Dave Le’aupepe talks heroism and justice in the real world, the genius of Margret Atwood, depression and carving out a music career with his three best…
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Gang Of Youths – The Positions

Since 2012, Sydney’s Gang Of Youths have been a somewhat elusive figure in the Australian music scene, slowly circling and stalking, ducking out of view and creeping back in, waiting for just the right time to unleash all they’ve got upon us. And that time is now. Although they have a relatively short career behind…
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Gang of Youths Give Us the First Taste of Their Debut Album with Radioface

This past week has been all about the seven minute tracks. First Tame Impala gave us the sprawling Let It Happen, now Gang of Youths have graced us with Radioface, an epic piece of power-rock mastery. Gang of Youths have …
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Vid O’ The Week – Gang of Youths

Thank goodness Gang of Youths moved to the United States. If they decided to shoot the video for their latest single Poison Drum here in their home town of Sydney, we’d have yet another video of a bunch of dorks walking down King Street in Newtown – absolutely the last thing we need. Instead, GOY have taken to the streets of the far more interesting Los Angeles, trading in the townhouse rowed alleys for wide open strip malls and the Coopers Pale…
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Interview with Gang of Youths

People use a lot of words to describe Gang of Youths. Killing it. Overwhelmingly successful. A band that can do no wrong. Last time they were here in Sydney, Alex caught up with enigmatic, Burrito loving frontman David Leaupepe, whom he just happened to go to high school with. Dude, what the fuck are you doing here? I’m interviewing you man! No way dude. Look who’s interviewing me! This is the fucking weirdest thing ever.
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Introducing Gang of Youths

Yes indeed, this band is well described as coming from the “Indie-Rock” persuasion, however with my personal impartiality to the generic ambiguity of the label “Indie-Rock”, I’m going to try out my own definition. Lets try, melancholic with a hint …
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