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Dorsal Fins – Mind Renovation

I had no idea who Dorsal Fins were, but the first time I listened to them I was hooked like a Magikarp on a super rod. This special time, when I first heard this band, was when I was just cruising around in my car. Mind Renovation, the title track of their new release, doof-doofed out of my speakers and started making me bop my head so much it was as if I’d installed…
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Dorsal Fins Premiere Video For Nothing Left To Hide

Dorsal Fins are the thin components or appendages located on the backs of various unrelated marine and freshwater vertebrates, including most fishes, cetaceans and ichthyosaurs. Dorsal Fins are also the studio project of Liam McGorry – the madman behind the trumpet in Melbourne soul outfit Saskwatch. …
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