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20 Years Ago — What Rocked in 1993

1993 doesn’t seem all that far away to me. But when you stop and think about it, a lot has happened in the world of rock music over the past two decades. Twenty years ago the glam rock acts of the eighties were desperately trying to hold on as the spotlight moved towards Seattle and the bands associated with grunge rock. Music was shifting from light-hearted hair-metal, to introspective music by bands like Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Here are ten huge tracks from 1993.
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10 All-Star Tips For Improving Your Guitar Skills

When you’ve just started out playing guitar, it is always a good idea to draw inspiration from other guitarists around you. There’s nothing better than learning from other musicians. An experienced guitarist can certainly steer you in the right direction as you try to strum your first few chords on the six string. But surely, nothing would be better than getting advice from your guitar heroes, right? Slash spoke to Guitar World about how he’s been able to become one of the world’s best guitar players with a limited knowledge of scales…
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Celebrating the Rhythm Guitarist

When you go to a rock show, there are usually one or two people in a band that stand out the most. The singer of course gets a lot of attention, and tends to be the one that many casual fans associate with the band in question. The guitarist, or lead guitarist in a two-guitar band, is usually second in line. All the cool guitar solos and poses make him a focal point of the show. But what about the rhythm guitarist? Easily one of the most overlooked band members, he is often neglected simply because he’s not at the front of the…
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10 Great Albums of 2012

Whenever I look back at a year, at first glance I think “there weren’t many albums that I liked this past year,” or something to that effect. But as soon as I actually start listing them I always find myself having so many new favorites, and 2012 is no exception. I’ve decided to list 10 albums that I think stand out from the crowd. Some are obvious choices, and others might be a bit obscure, but well worth a listen, and a great way to discover some new music. ZZ Top – La Futura. 2012 was the year of classic rock. Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top all…
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You Too Can Play Like The Edge

So you wanna play guitar like Mr. Dave Evans, aka The Edge of U2? With each U2 release the guitarist’s setup has become increasingly more complex. Nowadays The Edge tours with two racks full of effect processors as well as a myriad of vintage pedals. In this feature we’ll take a look at how The Edge play the songs “Elevation” and “Until The End of The World” in a live setting, and see how you can recreate that sound in a home environment. When time came for U2 to record what would become Achtung Baby, one of the main focuses of the band …
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