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Contrast – Sidewalk / Construction

Look down at your feet. If you’re not wearing boots, put some on because Melbourne four-piece Contrast have just dropped their foggy shoe-gaze 7” Sidewalk/Construction, released through Moontown Records – a label renowned for focusing on the weird, wonderful music that comes out of Australia and then releasing it on vinyl and cassette. The band…
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Contrast – Less Than Zero EP

The first time I plugged my headphones in to listen to Contrast‘s single Pipe Dreams back in February of this year, I had to turn that shit all the way up. Today, I’m listening to it again as the opening track from their debut EP Less Than Zero and I’ve had to once again hit that Command-F12 to get my jams up to an acceptable drown-out volume. This is music made to induce tinnitus, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Following in the recent trend of…
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Contrast – Self-Titled EP

New kids on the post-punk dream-pop rock block, Contrast, have just thrown down a heavy hitting debut EP on the back of their latest single Pipe Dreams. Whilst taking on plenty of influences, they’re KO’ing the shoegazey handbook and bringing the scene a shitload of new energy and depth. Forming as recently as 2012 makes the achievements of this release all the more impressive. With their lineage in Melbourne, the four lads began touring the local circuit…
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