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Arlen Roth Gets His Mojo Workin’ On New Album Deal with King Mojo

Guitarist Arlen Roth announces that his new CD, Slide Guitar Summit, which teams the acclaimed musician with fellow slide guitar greats Johnny Winter, Sonny Landreth, David Lindley, Rick Vito, Jimmy Vivino, Jack Pearson, Lee Roy Parnell, Cindy Cashdollar and Greg …
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Arlen Roth on Planning a Set List

The rhythm and pace with which your show moves is a truly critical element of your live performances, and I know that the planning of a list for your set(s) can sometimes be rather nerve-wracking! One of the most important things to be aware of when planning out your show, is to really “feel out” which tunes will make best sense performed “live”, while some are better off remaining songs you’ve recorded, but are better off left “un-played” in public! Another key element, and perhaps the most…
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Arlen Roth: “The Twang’s the Thang”

There’s no doubt that for a very long time now, adding a little bit, or a LOT of “twang” to your playing can be a great sound! It has long been associated with a kind of “western” sound that is used on guitar, mostly utilizing the lower strings, and with a combination of bending, whammy bar and even sometimes some amp tremelo and /or reverb. I got to play and also record with the original “King of Twang”, the one and only Duane Eddy! I feel as if he basically mainly coined the “twang” phrase with his…
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Arlen Roth on Learning Fingerstyle

I cannot stress enough just how important finger-style guitar is to developing your true overall approach to the guitar. If I didn’t play with my fingers in addition to using the pick, I would certainly feel like I only had a “half” ability on the instrument. More than that, finger-style is the only true way you can really “control” the 6 strings of your instrument. The blocking, dampening, muting and overall touch you get in this way totally helps define your tone in a much more complete way than just using a flatpick.
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The Gibson Firebird: Happy 50th!

It’s quite ironic that he wonderful Gibson “Firebird” Guitar is celebrating its 50th Birthday, especially since I just started doing my new “Slide Guitar Summit” album, and the first sessions were cutting a tune with none other than JOHNNY WINTER! Johnny has long been associated with the original “reverse” Firebird design, and he has used it extensively since his very early days. It is easily one of the coolest “new” guitar designs ever created after the initial days of the Les Paul. It’s very true that with the creation …
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Bluegrass Festivals in the “Old” Days!

I have had some crazy experiences on and off the road when it comes to music, but those early days of me doing Bluegrass festivals in the early ‘70s really took the cake! Back in those days I was mostly based in Woodstock, NY, and that scene had some bona fide “Bluegrass” players, but they were really from what most bluegrass “purists” would consider the “fringe” of that particular style. We’d go down to these festivals in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina and see these incredibly well-rehearsed and “slick” looking bands such as …
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Arlen Roth ”Becomes One” With His Guitar

There are many “aha!” moments when it comes to being a creative spirit, but there are surely some that stick with you more than others over time. I have had many times of amazing “clarity” and realization on the instrument that seem to rival and feel literally like a “religious” experience. There was one moment last year when I was in the middle of playing “Ain’t No Sunshine”, which is a regular staple of my show. In the middle “open” section, where the lyrics normally go “I know, I know, I know, etc.”, I always really go off…
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Arlen Roth Remembers The Band

I had the great honor a couple of years ago to do an album with Levon Helm, the late, great drummer for The Band, and also one of the most important singers in the history of rock music. We lost Levon Helm, just a few short months ago to cancer, and this was devastating to all who knew him, and to all in the world of music. Anyone who ever listened to good music, certainly heard Levon’s voice many times, and the classics he sang such as The Night They Drove old Dixie Down, Rag, Mama Rag, The Weight and many more are all true standards …
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Arlen Roth’s Tips on Choosing a Guitar

Getting the right guitar for your own style of playing can be an arduous task, or it can be an endless and fun ride for sure! The instrument you choose will not only be the result of how you play it, but it will also help shape the way in which you play, and will definitely play a role in making who you are as a player. I know from the moment I held my ’52 gold top Les Paul in my hands, my playing was not only going to change forever, but it finally had the chance to be elevated thanks to the help of a truly great instrument. A lot…
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