Streaming Videos

To submit a video link for consideration, the following requirement must be met: you are the originator of the material, or (if a cover song) have licensed use of the material.

If you would like to submit a video link, please send Dan an email with the YouTube link (we only accept YouTube links or links to known artist/label sites).

Videos are also entered into rotation for the FEATURED VIDEO on the front page of the magazine for six months



Aaron Haugland – Fill It Up

Abbey Cone – Southern Charm

Abbi Scott – Flying

Adam Doleac Band – I Put It On Ya

Adrianna Freeman – Just A Girl

Alan Jackson – Blacktop

Alan Jackson – Blue Ridge Mountain Song

Al Brake – Hot Pink Lady

Alexandra Demetree featuring Wes Hayden – Lay It On Me

Alexandra Demetree – Outta My Head

Alfa – Blue

Alfa – WAR!

Allen Krehbiel – Wise Men

All Them Witches – When God Comes Back

Alpha Tiger – From Outer Space

Aly Cook – Midnight Cowboys

Amber Hayes – Cotton Eyed Joe

American Gun – Therapy

American Young – Love Is War

Amy Rose – Redneck Reunion

Amy Wilcox – Summer in Slow Motion

Andy Grammer – Miss Me

Angela Hesse – He Smiles

Angelica – Breaking My Heart

Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves – Folsom Prison Blues

Angel Snow – Coals and Water

Annie Minogue Band featuring Mystic Bowie – JET

Annoying Orange – Limes (ft. Brad Paisley)

Anslee Lake – Any Fool But Me

Anthony Raneri – String Me Along

Antigone Rising – That Was The Whiskey

Aoife O’Donovan – Red & White & Blue & Gold

Arielle – California

Ashley Baker – Cigarette Smokin

Ashley Jordan – Fading Away

Austin Webb – Raise ‘Em Up



Bellamy Brothers – Boobs

Belles & Whistles – Boy Like You

Bethany Meeks – Maybe I’m Thinking

Bethany Meeks – The First Time

Big Smo – Hick Ross

Bill Anderson – Old Army Hat 

Billy Currington – Hey Girl

Billy Droze – My Blue WorldNashville Rag

Blackberry Smoke – Too High

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – Gotta Stay Young

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – I’d Have To Be A Stone

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – North

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – Reinventing the Wheel of Love

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – South

Black Market Research – Insult To Injury

Boats – Spider’s Soul

Bobby Cyrus feat. Billy Ray Cyrus – Milkman’s Eyes

Bonita Adele – By the Cross on the Wall

Bonita Adele – Happy Hour in Heaven

Brad Puckett – At Least I’m Feeling Again

Bradfield & McCoy – Only Our Rivers Run Free

Branch & Dean – The Dash

Branch and Dean – Your Ol’ Lady’s Gone

Brandi Carlile – The Things I Regret

Brett Eldredge – Don’t ya

Breaking Point – Bullet For My Valentine

Brian Milson – Nothing Grows In Shadows

Brodie Stewart Band – Fine Lookin’ Country Girl

Brooklyn Haley – Close To Where You Are

Brother Rock – Sandy Bottom

Bryan Hayes –  I Wanna Run



Cady Groves – Crying Game

Callie Twisselman- Breathe Live

Callie Twisselman – Hung Me On The Line

Callie Twisselman – Party Lights

Cal Scruby – Wasted

Cane Hill – Sunday School

Casey Donahew Band – Whiskey Baby

Cash+David – Bones

Caught A Ghost – Hold Out

Caught a Ghost – No Sugar In My Coffee

Cerrito – Hot Pepper Doll

Chad Brownlee – Fallin’ Over You

Chance Anderson – Two Red Lights

Charlie Allen – American Farmer

Charlie Pierce and Choctaw Wildfire – Have I Said Enough

Chelsea Bain – James Dean

Chloe Collins – Rearview Mirror

Chris Chitsey – Superstitious Heart

Chris Monaghan – A Boy, A Dog And An Old Guitar 

Chris Weaver Band – Standing In Line

Christian Lopez Band – Will I See You Again

Cindy G – 444 Chickenbone Road

Cindy Lee Alden – Black Coffee

Cindy Lee Alden – Crayola Skies

Cindy Lee Alden – Faded Love

Clay Walker – Jesse James

Cody Joe Hodges – Getting Back to Country

Cody Purvis – Rednecks in the Ryman

Cold Beer & Broads – Summer Girl

Coleman Brothers – Ghost Town

Conditions – Open eyes

Connecting Stars – Stuck

Craig Campbell – Outta My Head

Craig Welton – Do What’s Wrong

Craymo – One Love One World

Cry to the Blind – Night Light (A tribute to Sandy Hook Elementary School)

Crystal Day – Drown



Danny Allen – Good People

Dark Sermon – Hounds

Darlene Austin – Jesus Can

Darrell & Dawn Ritchie – Backroads

David Bromberg Band – Nobody’s Fault But Mine

David Dwortzan – Saying Goodbye to 16th Avenue

David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)

David Sinclair Trio – Feedback

Dean Miler – Till You Stop Getting Up

Deana Carter – Do or Die

Deb Zemke – Got To Believe: I Believe Project

Dedsa – Lighter Click

Delnora Reed – Battlecry

Delta Saints – Death Letter Jubilee

Denny Jiosa – I Am Roxane

Denny Jiosa – On The Edge

Denny Jiosa – Redemption

Denny Jiosa – Wounded Warriors

Denny Strickland – How Far You Wanna Go

Denny Strickland – I’d Love to Lay You Down

Denny Strickland – Loving Her Was Easier

Denny Strickland – Run

Denny Strickland – Swerve On

Denny Strickland – The Ride

Denny Strickland – Waymore’s Blues

Devildriver – The Appetite

DIAMANTE – Bite Your Kiss

Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom Boom

Don DiLego – Lonely Couples

Donna Frost – Sing My Blues Away Hey Yo

Donna Hughes – The Red Oak Tree

Donnalou Stevens – Older Ladies

Donnie Wood – Bad Good Ole Boy

DOWNDAY – Back in the Day

Duncan McKenzie – The Traveller

Dylan Scott – Crazy Over Me

Dylan Scott – Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy



Earl Poole Ball – Big River

Earl Poole Ball – Down the Line

Elad Zabinski – Crossroads

Elad Zabinski – Moving to Wonderland

Elephant Stone – Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin

Elle Maze – Better This Way

Emma Hill – Lioness

Eric Clapton & Friends – Call Me The Breeze

Eric Dash – One More Love Song

Erica Nicole – I’m Making Mine

EG Kight – Savannah

Elle Maze – Eyes On Mine



Fairground Saints – Can’t Control the Weather

Faith & Fury – Lotus Eater

Fireworks – Run, Brother, Run

Flat River Band – Shine Down Upon Me

Forster Anderson Cover/Parody of Sia’s Chandelier

Frank Foster – Amen

Frank Jones – Trinity Lane

Friday Night Music Club – Painting Pictures

Friday Night Music Club – Summer Town Cafe



Gary Carter – The Lighthouse Tale

Gavin DeGraw – Best I Ever Had

Ginny Blackmore – Bones

Grady Kelneck – I’ll Shoot You Down

Gregg Allman , Vince Gill and Zac Brown – Midnight Rider

Greg Susoreny – Gently Breathe

Gwen Sebastian – Suitcase



Hannah Belle – Little Town Square

Hannah Bethel – No Where Left to Roam

High-tails – Bending Over Backwards

Heather Whyte – My Mistake Is Loving You

Herrick – Do You Love Me

Hillary Reynolds Band – Crossing the Line

Hip Kitty – Will You Save The Hero

Holly Lynn – Joy Ride  

Hot Chelle Rae – Hung Up

Hunter Hayes – Tattoo



ILZE – Boulevards Of My Dreams

I Prevail – Crossroads

Irene Kelley – You Don’t Run Across My Mind



J Brian Craig – Better Than I Was Before

Jake Clayton – What Not To Do

Jake McMullen – Always

Jake Shane – The Upper Sun

James Carothers – I Must Be Alive

James Lee Stanley & John Batdorf – Last Time

Jamie Gabbani – Now That I’ve Met Me

Janet Robin – View From Above

Jason Crabb – Love Is Stronger

Jason Sturgeon – Angel Eyes

Jay Jolly – God Save Us All From Religion

Jay Jolley – High and Mighty

Jay Sparrow – Radio

Jefferson Grizzard – Since You Came Around

Jeff Sable – Rainy Days at the Beach

Jennifer Knight – Twinkle and Shine

Jerrod Niemann – Only God Could Love You More

Jerry Castle – Calm

Jesse and Noah – You Could Have Had It All

Jesse Keith Whitley – Where Would I Be

Jessica Mack – Drive

Jessta James – Back In The Day

Jessta James – If That Ain’t Country

Jess Taylor – Do You Feel It Too?

Jess Turner- Already Bruising

Jetset Getset – Saturday Night

Jill & Julia – Wildfire

Jimmy Buffett and Toby Keith – Too Drunk To Karaoke

Jimmy Hall – Santa for a Day

Jimmy Parker – Daddy

Jim Staats – Take Back America

Jim Ter – Tom T. Hall & Bobby Braddock Tribute

Joanna Mosca – Dream On Savannah

Joe Diffie feat. D. Thrash of Jawga Boyz – Girl Ridin’ Shotgun

Joe Loftus – Those Days We Spent on the Farm

Joe Loftus – When I Get to Heaven

Joel Rafael – Old Portland Town

John Heinrich – A Night In Tunisia & Lady Bird on Steel Guitar

John Heinrich – Christmas Medley

John Oates – “Stand Strong”

John Stevens Jr – I Think She Loves Peyton Manning More Than Me

Jolly – As Heard On Tape

Jon Wolfe – Smile on Mine

Josh Doyle – Solarstorms

Josh Goodlett – I Don’t Usually Do This

Josh Goodlett – Why You Gotta Be That Way

Joss Stone – The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)

Joy Styles – Fast

Judson McKinney – Moonpie

Julie Roberts – Good Wine and Bad Decisions

Junior Gordon – Country Lovin’



Kaitlyn Baker – BURN

Kalee Hric – If Jesus Was From Nashville

Kara Della Valle – South Dakota

Kara Della Valle – Without Him

Karli Whetstone – Frozen

Katey Laurel – Hurricane

Katia Nicole – The Girl Can’t Help It

Katie Garibaldi – Behind The Scenes of Follow Your Heart Photo Shoot

Kel-Anne Brandt – Sometimes You Win When You Lose

Kenal Louis – I Cried

Keni Thomas – Hold The Line

Kent Welton – Outta My Way

Kevin Lucas Orchestra – Oceans Rising LIVE at Misunderstudio

Kim Copeland – My Last Word

King Washington – Ol’ Highway 9

Kip Moore – Beer Money

Kreuz – No Change

Kyle Park – What Goes Around Comes Around



Laura McCormick – Feel The Fire

Laura Monk and High Cotton – Appalachia Goodbye

Lauren Tidwell – Forbidden Fruit

Lauren Tidwell – The Real Me

Lauren Winans – You’re Gonna Luv It

Leah Turner – Take the Keys

LeAnn Rimes – Spitfire

LeAnn Rimes – What Have I Done

Leigh Marble – Pony

Lenny Cooper – Mud Dynasty

Les Kerr – Contributor

Leslie Cours Mather – Countrified

Leslie Cours Mather – Hell Hath No Fury

Leslie Cours Mather – Santa Baby

Leslie Cours Mather – That Was The Whiskey

Linda Perry / Sara Gilbert – American’t Idol

Lindsey Bryant – Get Down & Giddy Up

Liz Allen – Ride of Your Life

Lizzie Slider – Butterfly

Lonesome River Band – Lila Mae

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road – That’s Kentucky

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road Feat. The Kentucky Headhunters – Runnin’ Water

Love and Death – Meltdown

LoveCollide – Rave

LoveCollide – Sold Out

Love Me Do – Koi No Pierott

Love Me Do – Ninami No Shima Ni Yuki Ga Furu

Lucas Hoge – Flip Flops

Lucy Paradise – Bad Girl



Maggie Sajak – Wild Boy

Malina Moye – K-yotic ft. Bootsy Collins

Marian Bradfield – Unlucky Child

Margo Price – Desperate and Depressed

Mark Collie & Tim McGraw Performing At Brushy Mountain State Prison

Mark Wayne Glasmire – I Like You

Markus James – Just Say Yes

Martha Reich – God’s Eye

Marty McIntosh – Being with You

Marty McIntosh – I’ll Just Leave it all Alone

Mary Sarah – Dress up This Town

Matisyahu – Surrender

Matthew Perryman Jones and Lily Costner – Can’t Get It right

Matt Bailie – Dress Down

Matt Bailie – Everyday You

Matt Bailie – Man Behind The Eyes

Matt Forbes – Gloomy Sunday

Matt Forbes – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Matt Forbes – White Christmas

Matt Stillwell – Hey Dad

Matt Strasner – Gimme A Kiss

MAX – My Name Is Dick

Mean Mary – Iron Horse

Meghan Linsey – Counting Stars Cover

Memphis May Fire – Vices

Michael Grimm – Hard Rock Biloxi Live

Michele – Feelin You

Michelle Wright – Strong

Mickie James – Best Damn Night

Mike Aiken – Almost Christmas

Mike Aiken – Coal Train

Mike Archer – Slow It Down With Me

Mike Magno – Be The Man (See Something)

Mike Runnels – Last Date

Mikel Knight – Last Night in Texas

Miss May I – Deathless

Misty Rae Carson – Woke Up One Day

Mitchell Tenpenny – Black Crow

Mitchell Tenpenny – Cane’s Creek

Mod Sun – My Hippy

Montgomery Gentry – Folks Like Us

Mo Pitney – Country

Morgan Frazier – Hey Bully

Motionless In White – Black Damask

My Ticket Home – Ayahuasca



Naponé – Gypsy Rose

Natalia Lesz – That Girl

Natalie Stovall and The Drive – Baby Come On With It 

Native Run – Burn – Cover Under The Covers

nav/attack – Newsbreak

Nefeli – Walking Undercover

The Nickel Slots – The Devil’s Chain Gang

Nikki and the Ruemates “Rise and Shine”

NOMaD (North of Mason-Dixon) – American Boy

North 40 – Hey Girl Hey

Novogratz – Family

Nu-Blu and Sam Moore – Jesus and Jones



Of Mice & Men – The Depths

Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound

Old Crow Medicine Show – Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer

Olivia Lane – Make My Own Sunshine

Olivia Lane – Steal Me Away

Olivia Lane – You Part 2

Our Last Enemy – 10,000 Headless Horses



Paloma Faith – Just Be

Parmalee – Musta Had A Good Time

Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know

Pete Scobell – Wild

Phil Celia – Fireside (Acoustic Version)

Phil McGarrah – Red White and Green

Prince Malik – She’s on Fire





Rachel Brett – Liar

Rachel Lipsky – Bones 

Rachel Potter – Jesus and Jezebel

Rachele Lynae – Party til the Cows Come Home

Rachele Lynae – Whole Lotta Nothin’

Rachele Lynae & Jamie O’Neal – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Rainey Qualley – Me and Johnny Cash

Randi Perkins – The Last Harvest

Randy Houser – How Country Feels

Randy Rogers Band – One More Sad Song

Ray Scott – Ain’t Always Thirsty

Rebecca Moreland – Freak Soul

Rebel Coast – We Are The Brave

Regis Shaw – Someone I Can’t Live Without

Regulation Nine – Know No

Richard Schletty – Stack Come Down (Garage Sessions)

Richie Fields – Smile

Rick Monroe – Fires Out

Rick Monroe – Great Minds Drink Alike

Rick Patin – Americana Gold

Rick Shea – Sweet Bernardine

Rise Against – I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore

Rival Songs – Keep On Swinging

Riot – Bullet For My Valentine

Roadkill Ghost Choir – Slow Knife

Rob Drabkin – Down To Fate

Rob Drabkin – Hope In A Hopeless World

Rob Drabkin – Stay (The Morning Light Fades)

Robby Johnson – South of Me

Rodney Atkins – Just Wanna Rock N’ Roll

Ronnie Dean – Final Ride

Ronnie Dean – I Had Good Folks

Ronnie Dunn – Kiss You There

Rosehill – The Bible and the Gun

Roxy Roca – Love Maker DeVille

Royal Wade Kimes – Cold Country

RUNA – The Holy Ground

Ryan Weaver – Crank It



Sable – Rainy Days at the Beach

Sandra Lynn – Bar Hoppin’

SaraBeth – Kickin’ & Screamin’

Sarah Darling – Little Umbrellas

Saveus – Levitate Me

Scarletta – Right Here, Right Now

Scott DeCarlo – I See Trouble Coming

Secrets – Dance of the Dead

Senani – Free

Senit – AOK

Sensual Harassment – Capri Suntan

Sensual Harassment – Creature Feature

Sgt Peppers Lonely Bluegrass Band – Here Comes The Sun

Shelby Bottom String Band – East Nashville Rag

Sherry Lynn – Girls Will Be Girls

Sick Puppies – There’s No Going Back (Explicit)

Sick/Sea – Parasite

Silversel – Heard It All Before

Silverstein – Face of the Earth

Small Town Pistols – Colour Blind

Smashing Satellites – Hounds

SnakeBite – All Night Long

Snax Hayes – Porsche

Snovonne – Toys

Soundz feat Verse Simmonds- Pick Up

Southern Halo – Little White Dress

SouthSide Drive – Your Love Rescued Me

The SteelDrivers – Wearin’ A Hole

Steep Canyon Rangers – Tell The Ones I Love

Stephen Hunley – Elizabeth

Steve Dawson – Blind Thomas At The Crime Scene

Steven Clawson – This Time Each Year

Stevie Lee Woods – Hey! What Do I Know?

Stewart Eastham – Crawl Up In Your Bottle

Storm The Sky – Same Graves

Sun ft. Lil Scrappy – Bad Girl

Sunny Sweeney – My Bed (feat. Will Hoge)

Sunshine – Two Hundred Grand

Sunshine Riot – This is a Raid

Susan Toney – The Trail of Light and Dark

Swamp Da Wamp – My Drinking Song



Tarakany! – What Can I Change?

Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff – Collide

Taylor Shannon – September

Telegraph – Rewind

Tetherball – Bootss

The Acacia Strain – Cauterizer

The Adversary – Ritual Dream

The Almost – I’m Down

The Big Bads – AMAZING

The Black Lillies – Same Mistakes

The Black Lillies – Smokestack Lady

The Bone Collector – My Baby Looks Good In Camouflage

The Broadcast- Hide Yourself Away

The Buckleys – Hillbilly Robbie

The Cataracs – Big Dipper

The Christopher Brothers – Somebody Just Like You

The Grayces – Drop in a Bucket

The Grisly Hand – Country Singles

The Lacs – Make the Rooster Crow

The Lonesome River Band: “Her Love Won’t Turn on a Dime”, From Studio to Stage

The Nickel Slots – On the Wall

The Plot In You – Fiction Religion

The Sarah Dunn Band – Bye Bye

The Sins Country – Muscadine

The Soul Circus Cowboys – Gotta Get Me One of Them

The Stationary Set – Year of My Sign

The Villains -An Unplugged Version of Cadillac

Thomas K. White – I Need A Honky Tonk

Tim Ash – Broke

Tim Sweeney – Baby I Try For You

Tobi Gordon – Grandma’s Love Recipe

Toby Keith – I Like Girls That Drink Beer

Tommy Steele – We Ain’t Drunk, We’re Just Drinking

Tommy White – I Need A Honky Tonk

Tony Jackson – Drink By Drink

Tonya Lynette Stout – A Seed

Tora – Drown

Tora – Finally Free

Trace Adkins, T. Graham Brown, Jimmy Fortune and Marty Raybon – Working On A Building

Trademark – I Can Go On

Trademark – Mud on the Map

Trademark – Too Young

Travis Tritt featuring Tyler Reese Tritt – Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough

Tristan Prettyman – I Was Gonna Marry You

Troy Bullock – Country Go Round

Ty Herndon – Lies I Told Myself

Tyler Steel – Every One of You

Tyler Toliver – Crazy



Upon Shadows – Vision From The Child



Valerie Ghent – Beating In My Heart 

Valerie Ghent – Supernatural Thing

Valerija Iljin – Liar

Valerie June – Workin’ Woman Blues

Vallejo – Waiting On You

Vanessa Carlton – Young Heart

Verse Simmonds – All I Want ft Jeremih

Victoria Celestine – Wasted Tears

Vita Chambers – Atlast

Vonn Kiss – She Don’t Know Who I Am



Wayne Garner – Love Drunk Fool

Weston Burt – Lucky Sometimes

Whitey Morgan – Waitin’ ‘Round To Die

Whitney Wolanin Christmas video – Run, Run Rudolph

Wild Party – When I Get Older

Willis Canada – Every Humble Knee

Willis Canada – Faded Rose

Willis Canada – Lost in the Presence

Willodean – Glass Bottom Boat

Willodean – Julie Drinks with Demons

Willodean – Pieces

WillodeanBand – You Got It

Woe, Is Me – A Story To Tell

Wynn Varble – Freak Show

Wynter Gordon – TKO feat. The Oxymorrons







Zane Williams- Jayton and Jill

Zangaro – The Farm

Zepparella – Led Zeppelin’s Custard Pie