Steven Padilla – Good At Goodbye

by Chuck Dauphin

steven-padilla-goodA native of Hoover, Alabama, the word “Real” is very important to Steven Padilla. That commitment comes through when you listen to the first singe, “Peaches & Pines.” It’s a perfectly Country cut, complete with a very traditional arrangement. The lyrics have a spiritual overtone about it that evokes some of the latter day work of Johnny Cash. He can also take you on an emotional journey through your life as well. I don’t know if there’s anyone who can’t identify with the reality of “Forgiveness.” He handles the track with the right amount of both vulnerability and strength – a tough balance to strike.

At the same time, Good At Goodbye is not all heavy. Take a track like “Fishin,” for example. The song will definitely resonate with fans of Bryan and Aldean, as it’s tailor made to fit right in. “7 Minutes” is very radio-friendly, as is “Get You Alone,” which will strike a chord with anyone who works the 40 hour week – or more, just to spend a few special moments with that special someone. He also pays tribute to that woman in the romantic “That Woman In My Life,” which details how that special someone can change it all.

The quickest point between two points is a straight line, and Padilla’s songwriting is very much on the mark. You won’t need Cliff’s Notes to understand where he’s coming from, but you will likely look up during any of these songs and think “How did he know what I was going through.” And, that is the sign of a great artist!




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