Steff Mahan – Where I’m Coming From

by Chuck Dauphin

steff-mahan-whereOne listen to “The Truth,” a cut from the latest disc from acclaimed singer-songwriter Steff Mahan, and you know that’s exactly what you’re getting. The song is extremely painful and gut wrenching to listen to, and pulls no emotional punches. The relationship seems to be over, and all Mahan wants is to know is where she and her man are – and how in the world they got to the point they are at.

The track is one of many different musical moods and emotions that are represented on the album. In some ways, you could say that “Best Revenge” is somewhat of an epilogue to the story of “The Truth.” She seems to be in a better place than she used to be, and is living her life with a smile – and not bitterness.

Mahan is a very effective vocalist, but that’s telling you nothing you didn’t already know. Her emotions are front and center on the disc, but what truly shines even brighter here is the songwriting. “The Flood” is a magical piece of writing, as is the powerful title cut, which echoes real life and the emotional knocks that we all take from life here and there.

At the end of the day, Mahan has put together an album that requires you to think a little as you’re listening to it. This is about real life, ups and downs, and she handles the roller-coaster ride with style and substance – especially on the telling “I Miss Who I Thought You Were.” There’s a reason she is so admired by critics and fans, and she shows it again here!

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