St. Louis Band Picture Day Claims Guided By Voices Influence

picture-day-promo-mar2013“I can’t front like Robert Pollard hasn’t been a huge inspiration to me,” says Brian Wiegert of St. Louis-based band Picture Day about the Guided By Voices frontman. Check it out for yourself via MAGNET’s premiere of “Madoline,” the first single from the upcoming Picture Day EP “Every Day Is Picture Day.”  Wiegert continues, “‘Madoline’ is us consciously trying to do something upbeat. The chorus is inspired by Del Shannon and Frankie Valli, except with Brian May-style layered guitars.”

The catchy, to-the-point tunes on “Every Day Is Picture Day,” arriving April 16th, show off the combination of chops and sense of humor that defines this band.  Influenced by confirmed rock legends such as The Who, Bowie and the previously mentioned Guided By Voices, Picture Day also embraces the unexpected by participating in Ween tribute nights, fostering a hip-hop side project with three album releases to date under the name MLD, and performing with self-described ragtime entertainer, Pokey LaFarge (a St. Louis sensation who appears on Jack White’s Blunderbuss.)

“It occurred to me some years ago, that music is the one thing that no one is forcing me to do,” says Wiegert. “I punch a clock, and when I’m done, I drag my ass to band practice because I want to hear some loud guitars. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting that.”  Picture Day’s latest EP “Every Day Is Picture Day” arrives on April 16th, 2013. The single “Madoline” is streaming now.

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