Sky King – Morose Tales From The Left Coast

by Chuck Dauphin

sky-king-moroseThe music of Southern California based trio Sky King definitely qualifies as an old-school romp through the blues. Walter Morosko leads a tasty romp through the Blues, and his bandmates – guitarist Garth Farkas and bass player Larry Knight – give him the support he needs to weave a audio painting of soul-drenched R&B the way that it used to be.

Kicking off with the electric “Poor House,” the listener knows at once that they are off on a stroll through some of the best blues that they have heard in a while. The track definitely has a roadhouse swagger sound that shines brightly.

And, it only gets better. The band goes for the same touch on the alluring “Inside Out,” keeping the momentum going equally as strong. In addition to Morosko’s entertaining vocals, the instrumentation is not to be denied – with some scorching guitar work coming on “Oxnard / Cahuenga,” “Waitin’ For My Baby,” and “Late Night Phone Call,” which stands as one of the most entertaining cuts on the album,

The band also fares well when they let things simmer a bit, as they do on the slower and restrained “Forever” and “Alone,” both of which will astonish you with their dazzling musicianship. If you like your blues old-style,  this is for you!

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