The Sidleys – Bittersweet

by Janet Goodman 

the-sidleys_bittersweet“It was definitely a pivotal time in our relationship and also in our musical relationship in terms of defining a sound for us,” said Steve Sidley in a Rockwired radio interview last summer. He was asked about the making of the album “Bittersweet” by The Sidleys, a D.C. area duo consisting of Sidley and his wife Annie.

Released on My Money Records, this collection of fourteen of their co-penned tunes began while the longtime couple was separated. Writing about their ailing marriage slowly brought them closer together, and they organically re-connected through music. Three years in the making, this album, in the end, became a testament to their healing process – “therapeutic,” as Annie describes it. Although previously they were experienced performers and solo recording artists, this album is their debut as The Sidleys, and that moniker speaks to this union after the storm.

Together they explore their emotions, breathing life into them with pop rock, R&B funk and even some Latin rock productions. Annie’s rosewood-resonant vocal tone and reined-in power is complemented by Steve’s moving falsetto and guitar chops, and an occasional cacophonetic crossroad in arrangement adds to the matrimonial drama. They dared to air it all, and music bound their wounds. Who doesn’t like a happy ending?

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