Sarah Lou Richards – Ruby Red Shoes

by Chuck Dauphin

She was born in Wisconsin. She grew up in Connecticut. Obviously, those aren’t two places where a lot of Country Music artists hail from. But, make no mistake about it, Sarah Lou Richards has the talent to go anyplace she wants to.

Her vocals, especially on cuts like “Space” and “He Wears Womens’ Jeans,” are especially strong. On the latter, her vocal sails almost effortlessly through various melody twists, which makes for an entertaining ride.

Richards has her own vocal style, but if I had to compare her to anyone, I would likely say Alt-Country queen Kelly Willis. That comparison can be heard the most on the stunning “Darling Marissa” and “Riding With Grace?”

Richards is one act that’s not afraid to kick it in gear and just have fun, as well. There’s a bounce to the interestingly titled “Case Of The 22-Year Old Boy” and “Mile Marker I” that she handles quite nicely.

Co-Producer (and lead singer of Blackhawk) Henry Paul has done a great job of letting Richards be herself vocally in the studio, and I firmly believe that this is going to be the start of something very big! I look forward to hearing a lot more from Richards!

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