Sandy Atkinson – Collection

by Chuck Dauphin

Just like many other musical performers, Sandy Atkinson began performing as a child in Church. Her vocal talents are nothing short of extraordinary throughout this disc, but what really stands out to me is the great songwriting on each of the 21 cuts here. She’s a musician who knows exactly what she wants to do on record, and does it very well.

Where do I start? I guess the beginning. She turns up the intensity from the start with “Let It Go,” and seemingly raises the bar with each track. Some of the better cuts here include “Tired Of The Crying,” “Do You Ever Think About Me,” and vibe of “Takes A Bitch To Rock ‘n’ Roll.” I love her energy on record, as well as the various sides and layers to her songwriting, which dazzles on every cut.

Sometimes, artists try too hard to be different, and the results usually go above theĀ  listeners’ head. Not in this case. Atkinson is simply being herself, and to quote Gleason (Jackie), ‘How sweet it is!”

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