Sam Palladio Surprised To See Himself On The Charts

Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar on ABC’s Nashville, as half of a newly formed duo with Clare Bowen’s character, Scarlett, was shocked to find himself on the iTunes chart recently. On the premiere episode of Nashville, Gunnar and Scarlett sang a song called “If I Didn’t Know Better,” which quickly showed up on the iTunes Country Singles chart.

“I think within about four hours of the first episode airing, a friend of mine went, ‘Look at this’ and put her iPhone in my face and it had ‘If I Didn’t Know Better’ and we were at 30, I believe. And I thought it was just some kind of mistake,” says Sam. As an actor he never imagined being on the American Country Singles chart and he says, “It just hadn’t quite occurred to me the power of television and the testament to the amazing writing in the music to, I guess, skyrocket two reasonably unknown actors and an unknown song into the hearts of the listeners and they seem to love it.”



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