Rick Babb – Startin’ From Scratch

by Chuck Dauphin

rick-babbNative Texan Rick Babb definitely qualifies as a musical vagabound. You can tell that with just one listen to his latest album. You will hear some Country, yet also Babb weaves a musical canvas that also includes shades of Pop, Folk, and even a little bit of old school Blues and Jazz. The eclectic mix makes him a sure-fire candidate for airplay on Americana stations, should he decide to make that push. If they didn’t pick up on his stylings, they would be the ones who are missing out.

The album commences with the haunting strains of “Wonderful Mystery,” which brings to mind the weariness that Haggard so often exudes in his work. He continues that sound in the second cut, “Willin’ To Go,” where the lead character realizes that some things are not forever. Babb maintains a melancholy feel in the song, which works well. Other highlights on the album include the light and easy sounds of “Friday Night Date,” which has a certain New Orleans- jazz feel to it in parts, as well as the Bluegrass-ish “Lucky In Love.” For my money, he soars highest on “Do You Really Wanna Go,” a tune that brings to mind some of the top love ballads on AM Radio in the early 1970s – featuring some tight harmony work from Becky Middleton and the alluring “Picky Picky.” The latter was one of those cuts that had me scratching my head somewhat – the first time, but the more you listen to it, the more he draws you in – just like with any great artist. An album well worth checking out!

For more information, log on to www.reverbnation.com/rickbabb



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