Rack ‘Em Records Releases Joe Ely / Linda Ronstadt Single

joe-ely_linda-ronstadtRack ‘Em Records will release a long-lost duet single with Texas Icon Joe Ely and Pop Legend Linda Ronstadt on iTunes Monday, December 15.

Written by R.C. Banks, “Where Is My Love” has been an Ely staple for years, but it was first recorded with Ronstadt in 1987 in a Los Angeles studio with Mitch Watkins on guitar, Bill Ginn on keyboards, Jim Keltner on drums and Tony Marisco on bass.

The recording was never released.  Ely and Ronstadt recently visited about the recording and decided it was time the world heard the recording.

Meanwhile, Ely is staying plenty busy with the new release of his first novel, Reverb: An Odyssey, which was recently called “thrilling” by noted writer Bill Bentley.

“Texas singer-songwriter Ely has been making music since the 1960s, notably with the Flatlanders on and off since ‘71.  Now he’s crafted his first novel, a coming-of-age story which starts off in the West Texas town of Lubbock — a place that’s in “a normal state of static chaos” — where Ely grew up. It’s 1965 and high-school dropout Earle has just registered for the draft. He’s also let his hair grow long and picked up a guitar. Times are tense in town for kids like him as he hits the road via an outstretched thumb.”

by Billy Heller  / New York Post

In October, Ely released B4 84, an album Ely recorded in 1983 using an early Apple II computer, and in doing became one of the first musicians to use a computer to record an album.

“Joe Ely has long been an early cyber-adopter — one of the first musicians to make active use of a website and, as a visual artist, one who’s consistently meditated between the machine and the human heart. But nowhere was he more ahead of his time (and place) than within this music of three decades ago, when the computer was consider anathema to ‘authenticity,’ particularly in the realms of progressive country, roadhouse twang or whatever you want to call what eventually became lumped together as Americana.”

— Don McLeese / Texas Music



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