Pipe Dream – The Oak

by Michael Rampa

pipe-dream_the-oakFrom the opening title track on Pipe Dream’s new EP, “The Oak,” it is clear that this Cleveland based quartet does not like to keep its feet on the ground. Whether perched atop a tree canopy or having it serve as a metaphoric haven for your thoughts, (“Carry Me Back Home”), the heavy handed lyrics belie the young ages of its members. The tight 14 minutes is very cerebral and short on fun. Generally, there is a lot of space in the songs. The linear and sparse melodies enhance the simple yet meaningful lyrics. However, some heavy handed keyboard work reminiscent of Coldplay overpowers at times, especially on the coming of age tale, “Boston.”  Ditto on the closer “Carry Me Back Home.”

The band draws obvious comparisons to indie mainstreamers like The Fray and Radiohead.

The band’s target 18-24 demographic is dominated by formulaic pop and EDM. Pipe Dream provides a good example of old school songwriting and multi-instrumentalist talent without going too far back in time.

For more, visit pipedreamofficial.bandcamp.com



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